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Mobile Marketing Book

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by Vladozz, Oct 28, 2015.

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  1. Vladozz

    Vladozz Affiliate affiliate

    Hello fellow colleagues!

    Get your free mobile marketing book now: AdtoApp.com/book/unicorn

    This is a complete and actual compilation of mobile marketing knowledge in a new book “How to grow a unicorn: mobile games & apps marketing guide”. It is for everyone: mobile app developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and investors. You also don’t need any high technical skills to understand the material covered inside!

    • Beginning: find your niche, choose a marketing strategy, app representation in the store, pre-release promotion, rules of app stores, creation of banners, beautiful design and trailers.
    • International marketing: social media, blogs, email and push-notifications, internal analytics, A/B-testing.
    • PR, viral mechanics and reviews: the viral cycle, discounts and sales, conferences and exhibitions, reviews, promotion, marketing channels and alternative app stores.
    • Monetization: the costs of promotion, business model, in-app purchases, offline purchases, freemium and free-to-play, selling triggers, advertising revenue, “proposal boards”.
    • Advertising Agencies: CPI and CPC aggregators and advertising exchanges, retargeting and remarketing, mobile RTB, advertising in social networks, incentive traffic, fraud in advertising.
    • Enter the global market: global market entrance nuances, localization, accounting cultural features.
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    T J Tutor

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    I don't see how this is a review. It appears to be simply an iteration that would be found in one of the many book sellers descriptions.

    If you are the author, you can place a link in your footer for the book.

    If you are not the author, then I would have to ask if you actually read the book. If you did, then a true review would discuss the merits of the various portions of its' content.
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