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mobile monetization

  1. Fergus@Agoramobi

    Looking for good traffic for app download traffic

    Hello, I am a Account Manager from Agoramobi, an affiliate network focusing on mobile monetization. Currently I am looking for good traffic for some app download offers. If you are interested, please feel free to contact me. Best Regards Fergus Account Manager@Agoramobi Skype: ferguswei0301
  2. Eugine Dychko

    the end of mobile apps?

    We struggle to get app noticed and downloaded, while most smartphone users ignore the whole concept of app stores. Comscore claims that 65% of people don`t download apps at all, and 42% of people spend their time in one app. Pretty scary, huh? And it`s about to get worse. Jamie Carter in...
  3. V

    Mobile Marketing Book

    Hello fellow colleagues! Get your free mobile marketing book now: This is a complete and actual compilation of mobile marketing knowledge in a new book “How to grow a unicorn: mobile games & apps marketing guide”. It is for everyone: mobile app developers, marketers...