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Internet Marketing is DEAD!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by tedheywood, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. tedheywood

    tedheywood Affiliate affiliate

    …Well not really

    Got you to click, didn’t I?

    There is a point where industries become over saturated with stuff. When something is mainstream and barrier to entry is relatively low (check out how you can get started with virtually no money here) then chances to “make it big” disappear with every single day.

    And a case can be made that Internet Marketing industry is experiencing the same fate. Since the 2000’s the field was dominated by the few hot shots and is now SO segmented that you have to wonder is there any money to make online?

    I definitely see a guy or gal in their 20’s, disillusioned with the idea of having a boss and having this option, Internet Marketing, as the ONLY option to survive, only to find out that the crops have been harvested and there is nothing out there except for barren land.

    So are we done? Is affiliate marketing no more? Should this forum even exist?

    Let us check out some stats. I did a quick google search and this is what I found:


    Now imagine this, there is consistent growth in how much money an average user spends online. In fact, according to the graph from 2006-2012, that number increased by an estimate of 50%.

    I want to repeat that because it sounds vaguely important. From 2006-2012 the average person increased his/her purchases online by an astounding 50%.

    And this is in the US alone. A country that is the most advanced in terms of the number of people owning cellphones, internet connections, etc.

    Just imagine, the markets that are transitioning from the 3rd world status to 1st world status. Imagine, the future of those emerging consumer markets as they revamp their infrastructure and as technology becomes cheaper, every person on this planet will be a potential online consumer.

    Every person has insecurities or lack of knowledge and will gradually gravitate toward internet solutions that will be offered by us or through us.

    Also, why do you think the information in the graph shows what is shows? Because of people like us who create sales funnels, create sales funnels that convert, maintain relationships with their clients, build mailing lists, etc, etc, etc. Every year there is more internet marketers who create content that people want.

    That is the big picture. But let us zoom in just a little bit.

    Internet marketing is a service. Let’s be honest we don’t sell anything tangible, unless of course you are into amazon affiliate program and other programs alike. Chances are if you are reading this 8 times out of 10 you are more of a Clickbank person. And what does Clickbank mostly sell?

    You guessed it, INFORMATION. What is another synonym for information? You guessed again, CONSULTING.

    So let’s analyze this:


    Again, this is a simple Google search. I pulled this graph from Forbes.com

    I met a HARD CORE Internet Marketer guy the other day and honestly we would kill me for doing this little ‘research’. He would probably call in the Internet Marketing Gods and have me crucified. lol ;-)

    But It’ll do for the point I am making.

    In 2012 alone, the Consulting industry was $1,600 Billion industry. Now, that is Billion with a B. And for 2014 the number is so great, it didn’t even make the chart ;-).

    Since we are the MAIN sellers of information, we are definitely a contributing factor to the graph shown above.

    Ted, what the hell is the point?

    The point is that 2015 is coming to a close. And a lot of you guys are going to make some New Year’s Resolutions in the next few months provided that the Mayans won’t start acting up again (Little 2012 reference).

    I believe that Internet Marketing is still at its infancy and NOT at its end. I believe that the field of our community has never been more fertile. I believe that in 2016 EVERY SINGLE PERSON who will plant some seeds will bring in an enormous harvest.

    I think that some of the “research” I showed you today will demonstrate the Internet Marketing is a field that is boundless in rewards.

    In fact, if you are just starting out and don’t really have any skin in the game there are tons of opportunities to try out.

    You can join an Amazon Affiliate program as I mentioned before. BUT don’t just stop there.

    Create you own products on amazon and promote them. That way you can get commission selling your own stuff.

    Here are just a few examples of mine that generate automated income for me:

    E Books:

    War & Piece (Russian Version)

    Crime et Châtiment: Version française (illustration) (French Edition)

    This is a book that I wrote for people who are starting out:

    Amazon Goldmine: 20 Ways to Maximize Your Amazon Income

    Some t-shirts that I made:

    Vladimir Putin - Badass T-shirt

    In Putin We Trust - T-shirt

    Now, I am not simply listing these links for self-promotion although they are affiliate links (I am a marketer after all). I am showing you my real life applications of what I am preaching to inspire YOU to do the same.

    I believe that every person has the potential to do anything they want. If you want to be a dancer, YOU CAN! If you want to be race car driver YOU CAN! If you want to be a marketer, work from home, make automated income and enjoy life in the process, guess what, YOU CAN DO IT!

    It takes process, a roadmap of steps that if executed correctly will bring you the harvest you deserve.

    GO out there and MAKE SOME DOUGH!

    So let me make it simple for you!

    I recently teamed up with a GOD of investing and trading. His name is Peter Borovykh and he is the Wall Street insider who knows things that would BLOW YOU MIND!

    After he taught me for couple of hours about the things he knows I was convinced that his knowledge belongs in an info-product.

    After couple of weeks of work we got everything ready for the BIG LAUNCH

    The site is called Stock Investments NYC

    The product we’ve created is called Beat the Market Crash Course. It is a 7 week intensive training course that transforms an average Joe into the GOD of training.

    This course is for Big Boys and that is why we are selling it for 7 payments of $142 and you can access it here:

    Beat the Market Crash Course

    Here is the good news for the people who are starting out. I believe in WIN WIN WIN. I believe that when business is conducted every person participating in the transaction HAS to walk away happy. The client has to WIN and he does with the AWESOME knowledge packed in this course. We have to WIN because we put A LOT of work into this product. Finally, the affiliate guy has to WIN.

    This is why we are paying CRAZY 50% commission to affiliates who will join our cause of spreading financial literacy across the globe.

    For this one, we decided to outsource the back end to Clickbank so you know we are for real.

    If you are not an affiliate yet check out this page, its 100% free to join:

    Join Clickbank

    For those who have been actively following me I want to say THANK YOU. I really enjoy coming to this forum and seeing the likes and the comments I received from you guys. I know that I said that I will write an article every week, but I’ve been busy.

    I don’t want to put out crappy content and waste your time. I only want to give people the BEST information.

    So let’s try this. If you guys are interested in a topic and you want me to offer my thoughts on it, leave something cool in the comments or PM me. In fact, I've been thinking about doing some video responses it is more interactive AND personal. If I'll see a lot of comments maybe I'll do a lighting speed round video where I respond to you.

    All around the world,

    Ted H.
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  2. Voluum
  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    I like your WIN WIN WIN attitude, @tedheywood

    Like you, I do not think that this industry is dead. And I do not think there will be a Mayan redux. :)

    There are a lot of people in the world, a lot of computers and a lot of problems that need solving. Enough business for everyone, I believe. Being customer oriented is a huge plus, in my opinion.
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  4. Umang Joshi

    Umang Joshi Affiliate affiliate

    Fantastic article. Just wondering the impact on the industry from ad-blockers. I worry a lot, it will kill the industry.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
  5. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    I wondered if affiliates/marketers are paying for the views that adblockers block. The servers try to show them but they never get viewed.
  6. oleg_ua

    oleg_ua Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks for the great read man!
    Don't think IM will die someday. It will evolve, change but not disappear.
    It was seo first, than came adwords, then Social broke in, now it is mobile. And those who can understand what the next "big thing" will be, will make LOTS of cash)
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  7. Paperkool

    Paperkool Affiliate affiliate

  8. Paperkool

    Paperkool Affiliate affiliate

    Ha Ha...Very spooky title. It got my attention for sure and actually scared me.
    You certainly know how to get attention. I give you props on that.
  9. robaxe

    robaxe Guest

    Around the world we see that class differences are getting bigger and bigger. Middle class is slowly going away and the gap between the rich and the poor is getting bigger. I wonder if we will see the same effect within affiliate marketing. Guys, what´s your thoughts on this?
  10. andree

    andree Member affiliate

    I would argue that is not true, I think some North European and East Asian countries seems to be ahead of the US when it comes to advanced internet connection, owning high tech cellphones etc...

    Edit: Ok, number of people, yes, that is probably US as it is bigger than most other countries I mentioned. But not necessary percentage wise.

    You forget an extremely important parameter, for every potential consumer in the emerging market, there are also emerging affiliates all around the world, not only the US and certain western european countries.

    The competition will increase as well as the market will increase.
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  11. Andrew Waatz

    Andrew Waatz Guest

    Great Stuff thanks man .
  12. marketerbybirth

    marketerbybirth Affiliate affiliate

    Yes.. but the kind of stupidities we have seen in the name of marketing are also to be condemned. I am sick of adwares and even some of huge companies like, AliExpress are indulged in such shameful activities. I believe we all need a proper, written, effective and implemented Code of Conduct to ensure that we are not annoying users with our so called Marketing
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  13. Dispply

    Dispply Guest

    Is Putin still high convertible? )
  14. Dispply

    Dispply Guest

    Btw, heard very negative feedbacks of Ali. Guys were making test purchase with affiliate links. Guess what? 1 of 15 purchase was counted.
  15. Rio Lu

    Rio Lu Affiliate affiliate

  16. Certified
    T J Tutor

    T J Tutor GM Administrator Certified Vendor Dojo Master affiliate

    Ah yes, the old bait and switch headline still works and always will!

    Good stuff, but this is not a guide, case study, or a tutorial. I appreciate the good copywriting here. However, this is a sales funnel. "This is why we are paying CRAZY 50% commission to affiliates who will join our cause of spreading financial literacy across the globe."

    This is a pitch and nothing more, all of it. IMO.

    A Guide: A Model, pattern, blueprint, or template.

    A Case Study: A process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time

    A Tutorial: A lesson, class, seminar, or training session.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2015
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  17. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Yup but I ignored those parts. :)
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