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  1. karenlinda

    How can I track my affiliate links?

    Recently, I start to an affiliate program in ShareAsale and Awin. I find there are some reports and metrics. But I am puzzled. How can I track my affiliate links and how to know where my affiliate links are used. That means, if one affiliate use my affiliate links, which page do he use these...
  2. AdsPower

    Join Our Affiliate Program & Earn Referral Commissions

    What is our affiliate program Since the release of AdsPower, We have been offering an affiliate program, which aims to reward everyone who is involved in the growth of our community. Earn 10% of your referral’s subscription for up to 24 months. Why partner with AdsPower 1. Receive more...
  3. DenisAlee

    10% USD $150 each order affiliate program

    Sex Doll Affiliate Program SoSexDoll is the most favorite online sex doll store. We are certificated resellers for brands like WM Dolls(No.1 of the Chinese sex doll brand). These brands are most respected & well known in the sex doll industry. Our main sales area is Europe and America, in order...
  4. Jack chan

    Monetize your e-com traffic with high conversion white-hat offers

    Hey guys, Hope you are staying safe and healthy through these unusual times. **Edited by Admin**
  5. 500Cosmetics

    Affiliates Wanted Health and beauty Company looking for CPA affiliates :)

    Good morning, We are 500Cosmetics, health and beauty company focus on improving the sexual life (Sizegain Plus, Volume500,) and day by day life (Hemapro, UNeck) who is looking for new affiliates/publishers to join our program. We have more than 15 years of experience and huge amount of...
  6. Nizar Ali

    Get Featured on Times Square with PureVPN

    Hello Buddies! Got some news ----> The stage is all set for you! Now you can share your thoughts and feelings on the Biggest Stage of all time. Just send a message to your loved ones (family, friends, or even your favorite celebrity) and it will feature on an iconic Times Square Digital...
  7. Nizar Ali

    Crypto Affiliates Earning 10x with PureVPN

    Hi Guys! Hope you all are well. Sharing the Update --> Crypto Affiliates Earning 10x with PureVPN PureVPN is one of the top 3 VPN services around the globe and we are continuously on the lookout for partners on YouTube and Websites that are working in the crypto space. As cryptocurrency is...
  8. Keizo

    Heartbid is the best affiliate program for XML and OpenRTB.

    Heartbid is an online self-serve advertising platform. Select your very own way of reaching audiences. Launch and manage advertising campaigns easily with our user-friendly interface. With our real-time stats, advanced targeting options, and Ad creating tools your ads achieve the highest level...
  9. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Hello AffiliateFix Members from Comfort Click

    Hello All, I have just joined and really excited to understand how this forum works. My name is Hozefa and i am an Affiliate Manager @ Comfort Click Ltd (United Kingdom). I love to communicate, share ideas, learn and grow with Affiliate Marketers. I am really Happy to be the part of this...
  10. Bruno Semedo

    Best Affiliate Program

    What are the metrics to measure and pick the Best Affiliate Program.
  11. competetowin

    How and where to find good affiliates?

    A bit of a newbie questions... I just created an affiliate program for my 8 year old business. It has the highest payout in my industry, which I hope will be enough to satisfy seasoned affiliates. Now I just need the actual affiliates to promote it. Where do I find experienced and ethical...
  12. A.A. Qureshi

    Announcement Earn the maximum commissions on your Affiliate Sales

    The holiday season is coming and this year we want to celebrate with the AffiliateFix family. So far, my experience in the community had been really, and hence, I would love to share a bit of joy with the forum members. This festive get ready to earn the highest commissions on your affiliate...
  13. Billionaire billy

    Superpower Thinking

    Hey guys! In this game, you must be exercising your highest thoughts. Its a dog eat dog world in the affiliate marketing arena. How can you get ahead with so many people doing the same thing. This is why I created This website is structured for the affiliates...
  14. xlovecash

    Ask Me Anything Your new XClone interface : the freedom to choose

    Dear affiliate, Many of you have asked us and today we are pleased to announce the launch of our new tool for webmasters: the XClone interface You can now manage and operate your own XClone which becomes 100% customizable. Now you can choose and control the design of your XClone yourself: •...
  15. Nizar Ali

    Hello from PureVPN!

    Hey All! I am Nizar Ali and I am digital marketer and a digital enthusiast! I am working for PureVPN as an Affiliate Program Manager. Glad to be a part of AffiliateFix Community. Let's work, learn and enjoy together everyone! Cheers :)
  16. Jonathan Felix

    Introducing Me To You

    Introducing myself to you, I am now introducing myself to you, one thing I love doing is recommending great affiliate programs and opportunities to people that can change their lives for the better. Reach out to me at any time to introduce yourself to me.
  17. Nikhil SureshBabu

    Need Advice!

    Hey guys! I need some expert advice from you all on how to recruit affiliates to a new SaaS affiliate marketing program. What are the steps I should follow to ensure there is a good flow of affiliates joining the program? We are offering a 30% commission per sale for our affiliates.
  18. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted StatusCake Partners Looking for Worldwide Affiliates

    StatusCake Partners is welcoming affiliate applications from any geos to promote our Uptime and Website Monitoring Services. Earn 30% recurring lifetime commission for any of our paid monthly or annual plans. Not only once but you get paid every time the customers referred by you renew their...
  19. Nikhil SureshBabu

    Nikhil from Pitchground

    Hello all, Nikhil SureshBabu here head of affiliation at We are a SaaS marketing platform with an education first approach. We have a brand new Blockchain build affiliate program (Partnerground) looking for new affiliates to join! Do you want more information? Ping me now!
  20. Jstmore

    Affiliates Wanted JSTmore - Influencer Affiliate Program | Monthly Payments | CPA Rev-Share | WW

    Are you looking for steady earnings in an untapped niche? Then you came to the right thread. It's common knowledge that influencers are the most effective source of targeted advertising and marketing for brands. Even more so, it's not unheard of, to see influencers making over $50k per...