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  1. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Announcement Exciting News! New Spanish Affiliate Programs Launched in Multiple Networks

    Dear Members, We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our 3 ES Programs..... 1. ShytoBuy ES - 2. WeightWorld ES - 3. Animigo ES - On leading Affiliate Networks including AWIN, Webgains, TradeTracker, Daisycon, and Addrevenue! Join us in...
  2. charlessjohnson

    Where to Join Affiliate Programs for Adult Niche

    Hi, just wondering where can i join to be an affiliate for adult niche?
  3. HilltopAds

    Official New Year’s Marketing Ideas

    Why some advertisers thrive on winter holiday season while others lose their budget? What are the latest NY’s marketing trends that advertisers should consider? And what role does creativity play in determining the success of ad campaigns? There are so many questions and so few answers. In this...
  4. Tideon

    Official Looking For Affiliates For Our High Profit Affiliate Program

    Hello Everyone, I recently posted to the forum looking for affiliates for our Video Editing Affiliate program. Where you earn a commission for promoting our video editing and color grading services. We were not yet approved, but the admins were very helpful with getting us all verified. So we...
  5. M

    My Introduction !

    Hey Affiliate Marketing Enthusiasts! Can't believe it's been a year since I embarked on this incredible journey in the affiliate marketing realm. Time really does fly when you're passionate about what you do! Throughout this year, I've had the pleasure of connecting with some amazing...
  6. Sharojima

    Niche: Print on demand , Affiliate program recruiting , 40% commission Paypal payment

    Hello, I've an affiliate program in the niche of Print on demand. A mega pack of +10k Anime designs for only 25 Euro. Your commission on sale is 40% , i've both sales page and lead magnet page (free trial designs samples) anyone who opt in will recieve a discount code of 10% after 1 hour of...
  7. IvisHwang

    Seeking Help My Affiliate Program has one final step to sign up

    Hello everyone, I'm looking to connect with affiliate merchants who specialize in vacuum cleaners or other high-priced products. As these products come with a higher price tag, acquiring new customers can be costly. I'm interested in discussing how we can collaborate to overcome this challenge...
  8. Albertomax1

    Affiliates Wanted Highest Paying Affiliate Offer....!!!

    HIGHEST PAYING LEAD GENERATION JOB Earn over $100,000++ By helping homeowners to eliminate their electric bills. We market to homeowners in USA ONLY...!!!! But you may work from Anywhere....!!! Make your own hours! Please DO NOT apply for this job, if you are NOT EXPERIENCED in generating...
  9. Veronika RL

    Official Turns Brand Name Pornstars In Your VR Affiliate Payday Reality

    As an affiliate you already know that your main goal is to turn virtual porn into real cash, and the new releases being produced by for your marketing channels are exactly what you need to make it happen. Starring well known brand name pornstars, filmed in the highest quality virtual...
  10. Alan Saste

    Seeking Help How to find Affiliate Programs that don't have much requirements?

    Most popular Affiliate Programs require you to have a website with high traffic or social media following. How can I find Affiliate programs that dont have such requirements?
  11. Veronika RL

    Affiliates Earn More From in 2023

    If you are an affiliate with traffic, you are rare in 2023. Back in the day there were thousands of affiliates slinging traffic and now that number has dwindled for a lot of reasons, but you are someone who learned to adapt and survive. The next step in maximizing the monetization of every click...
  12. E

    Seeking Help New to the forum! Looking for ways to promote my affiliate program

    Hey everyone. I am new to this forum. I am an affiliate manager and I have recently launched an affiliate program. The program is for a product in the B2B world (not crypto/trading/casino/etc). Does anyone have tips on how to scale the program? Where would I be able to find affiliates? Where can...
  13. Veronika RL

    Affiliate program for VR traffic

    Our affiliate program is starting the new year 2023 with a brand new design and plenty of opportunities to earn sweet $$$ with your VR traffic. Join us, promote RealityLovers and TSVirtualLovers and start making money today!
  14. John Stuart


    Hey Affiliates! OFFERGLOBE IS BUYING HIGH-VOLUME INBOUND CALLS & LIVE TRANSFERS ON: MCA Inbounds Hotel/ Flight Booking Legal/ Mass Tort ACA Inbounds & Transfers Ping me on Skype - live:.cid.5c0384a5ce1fd8b7 Or Email –
  15. Fanwer

    How do I promote our affiliate program and attract more affiliate marketers?

    I've got an affiliate program on our store and got several promoters registered already. But the conversion rate is 0. How can I promote our affiliate program and attract more targeted promoters?
  16. Inftele_k

    Official Infinity Telecom affiliate program!

    Infinity Telecom affiliate program! Hi. We are currently developing an affiliate program for our service. I would like to know if you would be interested in participating in the testing and development of this program? And also to know your vision and wishes. For more information, write in...
  17. jowel

    We are looking for new affiliates with webmasters and affiliate traffic

    Hello all webmasters and affiliates. Maybe you know us and you know that Nifty Stats is an affiliate tracking tool that analyzes your sales statistics. That's why this tool is ideal for you, affiliates, webmasters and people who work daily in the online world. We have an affiliate program...
  18. Hozefa Tijoriwala

    Official Lucrative Affiliate Opportunities Await You!

    Dear Esteemed Members, I trust this message finds you in good health and spirits. Allow me to introduce myself – I'm Hozefa, and I oversee the Affiliate Programs at Comfort Click Ltd. I'm excited to share with you some incredible affiliate opportunities in the Health & Beauty and Pet...
  19. jheconomy

    Beginner affiliate marketing guide

    As an affiliate, what do you need to have and what do you need to do so that you can grow organically as affiliate?
  20. Naomi_mimarosa

    Real Estate, Sweepstakes, Health, Streaming campaigns...

    Mimarosa is a premium CPA network that contains premium offers based on CPL, CPC and CPA. We have the best Tracking system that will give you access to detailed tracking reports so that you can monitor and optimize your campaigns to do it’s best. We are offering top and trending offers with high...