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Affiliates Earn More From in 2023

Veronika RL

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
If you are an affiliate with traffic, you are rare in 2023. Back in the day there were
thousands of affiliates slinging traffic and now that number has dwindled for a lot of
reasons, but you are someone who learned to adapt and survive. The next step in
maximizing the monetization of every click in your inventory is deciding where to
send your traffic, and this post is here to help you.

The best way to compete with free porn is to offer a product that can’t be accessed
for free to a clientele that can afford to pay you, and one that wants to have a
premium experience beyond what tubes provide. That’s why we were one of the
first programs to focus on Virtual Reality Porn, where customers have already paid
for a headset and want content they can’t find on the tubes.

Old timers already have heard of us as SmartMediaCash, and you have likely met
René at the industry shows, or spoken with us online in the past. Recently we
rebranded our entire affiliate program as to better align with our
current offerings and the fact that VR Porn is now the highest paying form of adult
content an affiliate can monetize.

Our VR journey started back in 2016 when virtual reality porn was new. We have
filmed 900+ exclusive scenes in full VR starring all the hottest pornstars and are
generating sales at a much faster pace than any flat 2D content online. More
importantly, our content actually generated return customers so our retention is
way better than what you would find with standard paysites.

Our brands include Reality Lovers, TS Virtual Lovers, Playgirl Stories, VR Anal Sex,
Girly CR, VR White Box and more. That means we can effectively match your traffic
to the correct content and improve your revenue almost immediately on all of your
existing traffic.

We are easy to work with and look forward to hearing from you. Contact us now to
learn more about all of the customized tools, exclusive content and models, world
class direct support, high class tracking, advanced geo stats and top offers that have
helped us become the highest paying VR Program on the plant. Earning more is now
as easy as contacting us at right now.