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AffKit Ninja Affiliate Program /  Highest Commissions!!!  $1000++

Earn over $100,000++
By helping homeowners to eliminate their electric bills.

We market to homeowners in USA ONLY...!!!!
But you may work from Anywhere....!!!
Make your own hours!

Please DO NOT apply for this job, if you are NOT EXPERIENCED
in generating Leads SUCCESSFULLY...!!!

Again!!!! Please DO NOT apply for this job, if you are NOT EXPERIENCED
in generating Leads SUCCESSFULLY...!!!

We are NOT looking for beginners. You must be Experienced
in generating leads SUCCESSFULLY...!!!

This is NOT a SALES JOB. This is only for Lead Generation.
We pay you for generating leads ONLY!

We pay $1000++ per homeowner that you refer,
that installs solar with us.
Payment depends on electricity usage of homeowner.

We just completed a project with a Homeowner association
..( HOA ) with 270 homes.

We were able to compensate the Marketer,
that referred them, with a payment of over $400,000 + +
dollars for the lead.

To get paid you need a USA bank account or Stripe.

For applicants that Do Not live in USA ...You can get a Free

USA bank account here >>

Or you can apply at another USA bank of your choice!

Let me know if you would like to learn more.

Email us to learn more >>

Peace & Love

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Looks like there will be new money sources in the US for solar

Wow, this affiliate offer seems incredibly promising with its high payout potential! It's amazing how the opportunity to earn substantial commissions while promoting valuable products/services is within reach. Of course, success will depend on finding the right audience and crafting engaging content that resonates.
You can now add more immediacy to the offers.
The Department of Commerce has determined that solar panel manufacturers in four Southeast Asian countries are evading U.S. trade rules by using Chinese-sourced materials subject to tariffs without paying applicable duties. Those countries — Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia — are responsible for nearly three-quarters of solar modules imported to the United States.
The ruling, unveiled Friday, means that new U.S. solar projects may soon be more expensive: manufacturers whose goods run afoul of Obama-era solar tariffs will be subject to additional import duties on their products.
Those duties, however, will not begin to be assessed until June 2024, when a waiver put in place by the Biden administration is set to expire.
The cost of solar projects is incredibly important as the U.S. races to zero-out power sector greenhouse gas emissions — currently responsible for a quarter of the country's total
read more

Buy now before the price will go up!
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