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Improve Your Landing Page CR with These Tried & Tested Quick Fixes

emily bizprofits

Affiliate Manager

I’m sure it has happened to you a few times in your life that you opened the stats in the morning and the numbers just weren’t what you expected them to be. How come, you’d think, the page looks good, but the conversion rate doesn’t!

Before we jump into any quick fixes, imagine yourself in your customer’s shoes and see if you can answer “Yes!” to the following questions:

– Does this LP show what I was looking for?
– Do I get enough information on the product here?
– Is this site trustworthy?
– Is the purchase a short procedure?

These are issues of marketing consistency, website quality and user interface that are just too global to be dealt with in a single blog post. If you’ve answered “No” to any of the above questions, then maybe you should revisit your ads and promotional techniques, simplify navigation and take other major steps to improve the user experience at your website.

If we are good at this stage, however, let’s move on to the effective tricks to improve your conversion rate. You might be surprised, but these are actually really small things that can make all the difference.

Here are a few quick fixes for your sites that can improve your CR by at least 10%:


Killer Headline
A headline is what users see first on your landing page and what sells them on reading it. Your headlines should draw attention, sparkle curiosity and promise a clear benefit, not to mention be consistent with the ad through which users have landed on the page.

Make the Form Stand Out
Your registration form is the main point of interaction for users. Make sure it draws attention. Put a large sign-up form on the right side of the landing page and don’t make it too long to prevent users from bouncing.

Have you noticed which color the CTAs usually are? Make sure your CTA stands out from the background. Place the CTA above the fold. Placing a directional arrow at the top of the form to point the way to the action area can also be very helpful.

Security Seal
You may have noticed a small icon placed in the lower corner of the main page and on the registration and checkout forms of our websites. Security seals used throughout the checkout process make it easier for customers to trust you with their personal details and submit their payment info.

High Quality Appealing Graphics
It’s essential that you use very high quality images on your website. They grab the attention of your landing page traffic and communicate ideas much easier than text. Make sure you include an image of the product on the page. This will increase the visual appeal of the page and encourage your customers to complete the purchase.

Limited Stock Warning
Creating a sense of urgency is a time-tested technique of improving conversion rates. It can be included as a pop-up (as we do on our websites) or in any other form; whichever you choose, make sure users don’t miss it while browsing the page.

“Chat Now”
The live chat window is a powerful tool to initiate online communication between a brand and a consumer in real time or similarly during business-to-business communications online. Having a real person to chat with on the website not only gives your lonely customers someone to talk to, but also provides immediate access to assistance, which in turn, dramatically improves the CR.

Including testimonials can drive validation. Feedback from customers creates credibility, which leads to conversions.

Hopefully these easy tricks will guide you towards achieving higher conversion rates and ultimately increasing your profits. You can read more about mobile landing page optimization in this blog post. To get additional information and assistance, contact your account manager and continue to follow our blog for more useful information. We would be thrilled to help you make even more working with BizProfits.


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Dr. Forum

Thanks for sharing such important information to us buddy. I have been doing landing pages for several companies and even clients. My joy is to be able to make the landing pages that do deliver. I will therefore be using this great content just to improve on the skills I have. Looking forward to a better experience than ever before.