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  1. Lucian SC

    Announcement In-house Nutra line at BitterStrawberry

    We're proud to announce that our in-house Nutra is going live soon in BitterStrawberry's Marketplace with it's first product. The product is the first from an upcoming line of high-quality complex supplements and already has excellent results in Pharmacies. Since it's a complex supplement...
  2. B

    Affiliates Wanted BetterKetchup Affiliate Program - 15% commission

    Hello: I am looking for affiliates to promote our organic hidden veggies ketchup. Payout: 15% commission. Payed monthly. Cookie duration: 60 days (for affiliatefix members) Target audience: Parents, healthy eating, organic, toxic free, vegan school lunches, clean eating, gourmet, foodie...
  3. NicoleBarnet

    Affiliates Wanted Health eBooks - Affiliates needed!

    Hi community, We have several health digital products (eBooks) that are sold by the biggest retailers on the market ( and All our products have affiliate programs. Our full list of offers can be found at Premium Offers - check our latest products added an...
  4. M

    How I can boost up my Affiliate Sales

    I am new in Affiliate marketing. I am working with health related products
  5. Sashoy

    Affiliates Wanted We are looking for affiliates that have Indian traffic

    Hello, my name is Sasho and I affiliate manager at Mindtech Affiliates . I am looking for new affiliates that want to join our network. We have many good converting offers for Indian market on CPL basis. We have offers for other Geos as well but as I said above if you have Indian traffic we...
  6. NoomCoach

    Affiliates Wanted Health & Wellness Affiliate Program, High CPA + Bonuses

    Hello, We are actively looking for new affiliates with the ability to reach people who are interested in improving their health. NoomCoach is a popular web ( and mobile product that has been featured by multiple news outlets and has grown organically, but now we've just launched our...
  7. emily bizprofits

    Improve Your Landing Page CR with These Tried & Tested Quick Fixes

    I’m sure it has happened to you a few times in your life that you opened the stats in the morning and the numbers just weren’t what you expected them to be. How come, you’d think, the page looks good, but the conversion rate doesn’t! Before we jump into any quick fixes, imagine yourself in...
  8. Leadbit

    Official Leadbit

    Leadbit submitted a new resource: Leadbit - Cool and high-perspective AN that will help you ger richer quicker! Read more about this resource...
  9. H

    Dieting CPA PPS offers - Promotion methods?

    Hi guys, I'd like to jump into the health & fitness niche! There are a few really good looking dieting CPA PPS offers out there with a high payout (>50$ per PPS) No I'd like to know how to promote them! Has anyone had experience with those offers? Is Paid traffic a good option for such offers...
  10. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted HUGE Payouts for New Health Offer

    Hey Fixers, MonsterAds has an awesome high paying health offer you might be interested in testing. If you have any of the following traffic sources you should definitely get in touch with me: Email, FB advertising, social media, seo, search, ppv/ppc We have a trial paying $80 PPS and a...