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i Need a little tip Guys :(

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Karl Paras, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Karl Paras

    Karl Paras Affiliate affiliate

    Should i put up just one site and work my ass on it until I get how Affiliate marketing works, then diversify?
    Or, Should i invest more and put up different sites, experiment and observe, and see what works?
  2. terraleads
  3. The Mad French

    The Mad French Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Karl,

    What side of affiliate marketing do you want to work in ?
    You're talking about building sites, do you refer to SEO ?

    Either way, SEO or SEA, I would advise you to focus on one site/vertical/traffic source if you are a beginner.
    This way, you'll be able to concentrate fully on every aspect of marketing instead of jumping here and there with multiple projets.

    It's general advice but I think it's the best way to progress.
    Focus on one thing and try to master it.
    It's better to be excellent in one field than correct in multiple.

    When you'll have a better understanding of the core concepts, you'll be able to enter the next level.
    Feel free to ask more questions so we can help you better.

    Good luck my friend ! ;)
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  4. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    Sniper and shotgun shots have different perspective, it really vary depending on how the person can absorb.

    Like what @The Mad French has advise, you may try sniper shot as a beginner, get your feet wet starting with a single sites.

    There has never been a foolish mistake made, the mistake were created last time are what known as knowledge to you today.

    So.. Good luck.
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  5. Emily

    Emily Service Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Hi Karl,

    As a beginner you don't want to spread yourself too thin so I would also recommend starting with one site whilst you find your feet.

    By starting with one site you can test out various methods of promoting your content and driving traffic etc, and learn from what works well and what may go wrong. Once you have a clearer idea of the best practises and what your aims are, then you can diversify out, replicate things which worked great and avoid making any mistakes a second time around.

    I think you'll definitely learn the most from actually doing it, rather than just reading things - but I'd still recommend checking out some articles and catching up with your affiliate manager for advise and guidance, at least in the early days :)

    Good luck with it!
  6. kate.dispply

    kate.dispply Affiliate affiliate

    Personally would start with 2-3 sources to have kinda of A/B testing however not sparing your time not effectively.
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  7. hotpassion

    hotpassion Affiliate affiliate

    Do you focus on SEO or you want to play with paid traffic? I would start with at least 5 sites of different niches to test.
  8. Karl Paras

    Karl Paras Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks.. This is helpful.. ill go on and master it first then!
  9. Karl Paras

    Karl Paras Affiliate affiliate

    Ill try testing 3 or more sites.. iwant to target SEO more.. i would like to have targeted and high quality traffic to most of my sites.. i also know that the process is accompanied by constant failure however, What i would like to accomplish is to how to learn and progress fast..
  10. Ben jones

    Ben jones Affiliate affiliate

    Id agree with these guys. if you're a beginner I think one site will be more than enough to learn and observe your results. Keep learning as you go along and when you're able to do it and build on your success then get some more sites done. I would say its key to find a plan what works
  11. Dr. Forum

    Dr. Forum Affiliate affiliate

    I will share my personal tips that I use and that have made me reach this far. I usually believe in taking smaller but purposeful steps towards the set objective. I usually take up something and work on it keenly. Once it has been able to sustain the test of time and bringing the results, I then diversify to other sections. It is the best practice.
  12. John Scott

    John Scott Affiliate affiliate

    My own experience is this: Focus on one niche, but have backups ready.

    For example, I created a webmaster forum (sold it) but at the same time, I was always developing other sites, and selling them when they matured. Hosting review sites, motorcycle sites, etc. Whatever I happened to be interested in. Genuine interest is really necessary. Otherwise you are just doing it for the money and that's boring.
  13. online-marketer

    online-marketer Affiliate affiliate

    In my experience it's more long-term profitable to focus on one domain until it's on autopilot and only requires moderate or few effort. Then you can concentrade on other niches. Find some niches with marketsamurai (trial) and watch out for some tutorials!
    Last edited: May 17, 2016

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