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  1. adcash_team

    Traffic Opportunities - March Sports Calendars & Tips

    March is gonna be buzzing with sports events worldwide, with favorities like F1, MotoGP, and NCAA March Madness coming right up! Check out our Key Dates Calendar, alongside with some helpful advertising tips Tips Top Performing Ad Formats ➡️ Pop-Under, Interstitial and In-Page-Push Prime...
  2. Zeydoo

    Guide Before launching traffic: tips from Zeydoo

    , The affiliate marketing niche is getting bigger every year, but the questions all remain the same. This is why we at Zeydoo decided to create a comprehensive guide where we’ll discuss the most basic and not so obvious tips on how to launch ad campaigns with any offer and GEO. Tips on working...
  3. K

    10 business management tips for small businesses

    Study the market Monitor the competition Analyze our offer of products and services. Improve promotion and dissemination Take advantage of the customer's knowledge Take care of the details Anticipate the demand Attend Financial Management Negotiation with suppliers Caring for employees
  4. K

    Share your idea

    Keeping the idea under seven keys for fear that someone else steals it may end up choking the business. The more feedback you receive, the more you comment and expose your first prototypes to critical evaluations, the quicker you will understand if you are on the right track or need to rectify...
  5. K

    Do not focus only on money

    look for people who will add value to the company and to you, as an entrepreneur and as a person. Successful entrepreneurs are always surrounded by determined people, who know the sector in which you develop and can open a lot of possibilities.
  6. Phill AdsBridge

    Only two tips to increase your profit

    I propose you only two tips for increasing your profit. Why exactly these tips? Because about 92% of our users find it profitable and we want you to join them. However, let’s begin with some terminology, that could be unfamiliar for newbies. Campaign - is a set of elements, such as traffic...
  7. K

    How to reduce business risk?

    How to reduce business risk?
  8. K

    9 Tips to Start your Business

    Set and write your goals Organize your work schedule Focus on what you have and not on what you need Surround yourself with entrepreneurs with the same passion as you Dedicate all your energy to what you really love Connect with people who push you towards success Find a mentor to help you...
  9. K

    9 Tips To Grow a Business In 2019

    1. Organize: the key to the success of a company is the organization since it allows completing the tasks and having control over the needs that arise. A good way to maintain order is through lists of daily tasks (To do list) in which it is marked when an essential action is fulfilled for the...
  10. K

    Four ways to promote your business with stickers

    Promotional Marketing When it comes to marketing, most companies now turn to digital methods. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are increasingly saturated with business ads, not to mention expensive, so it might be a good idea to study unconventional promotion methods. Stickers are very...
  11. Salvatore Scibetta

    The Unbelievable Idea. Learn How To Grow Fast

    Hello, guys, I'm Salvatore from Italy, I'm doing affiliate for 5 months yet, and what I discovered is that the most powerful resource to grow fast in Affiliate Marketing Is working with other people, share ideas, doing networking! I know the title was just a normal call to action so that you...
  12. Linoy- SelfAdvertiser

    Ask Me Anything Tips - Optimize your Campaigns to Reach Marketing Objectives

    Hi all, Here are some optimizations tips that will help you to improve your campaigns: Set Up Clear Goals Go Deep on Knowing Your Target Audience (Don’t) Forget about Visits Demand Awesome Creatives Everything Is Responsive Measure and Optimize Change Creatives Every Three Weeks Always Set Up...
  13. A

    How to save image to photo album does not work on new Ipad?

    When you press photo the box with saving image press on it.It does not work.The photo does not go to the photo album.How to save photos.? Thanks
  14. Stencil

    50onRed (RTX Platform) Optimization

    Hey fellas, Hope you all had a nice weekend. For those who had a nice one, I really need to ask you this, How are you optimizing your campaigns on 50onRed? I have been using this platform for about a year now.. Initially, it was all good.. Earned quite a load of money (tbh) but now since a...
  15. Kennedy Ijeh

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello everyone. I need a little help. Recently ive decided that I was going to start taking affiliate marketing seriously. Ive done mlms and other affiliate marketing ventures, but have ALL failed. Well after reflecting on my failed attempts I decided i had to figure out what was wrong. To start...
  16. funtowerk

    kinda old tymer.. new to the af but not a newbie to marketing..

    hi im jay (non friends call me jamal) and im here to network and help folk as i can.. retired from tech consulting ive worked with a company for 5 years and love sharing what we do to help others earn real money without costing them a dime.. the freedom of having your own business is not to...
  17. AffilightBlog

    Online marketing tips and trips

    We’re glad to introduce our online marketing blog! It contains all you’d like to know about online advertising, affiliate marketing etc. Hot topics: 1. 10 steps to increase conversions of your landing page 2. What is traffic back and why you’d use it 3. How to make money on APK distribution...
  18. S

    1 BAD and 3 GOOD advices for newbies

    People absolutely love to give shitty advices. Here is the phrase you’ve heard a million times: "Follow your instincts." Familiar, huh? If you’re a rabbit running away from a predator through the forest, the advice is excellent. Instincts will allow you to survive. The goal is achieved. But...
  19. Kleponpink

    How to Monetize Your Website (Newbies)

    The work with a website will never end. Having a website can be such a long process involving time and energy devotion as well as some amount of money. At the end, you will consider how to make your money back. Can you earn from the website? The answer is Yes, you can. Here are some ways to...
  20. Kleponpink

    How to Start & Build Your Own Website (for Newbies)

    I want to share some first steps for building your website 1. Learning from other websites. It might take long to research from a few different websites. It can take days, weeks, or months until you find out the visitors that you target, the tone, and the language that you should use 2...