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Salvatore Scibetta

Hello, guys, I'm Salvatore from Italy, I'm doing affiliate for 5 months yet, and what I discovered is that the most powerful resource to grow fast in Affiliate Marketing Is working with other people, share ideas, doing networking!

I know the title was just a normal call to action so that you clicked to read more. :p
My idea Is that I want to connect with other affiliates around the world to share info and tips about anything

Please If you want to connect with me just to talk about affiliate, campaigns, tools etc...

We are a worldwide family, right? ;)

Hope to hear you soon.

Greeting from Italy :cool:
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Hi and welcome to AffiliateFix.

We are all happy you have joined us, but you are starting out here a bit incorrectly. We are not here for you to start off by taking members off site. This is known as forum hijacking. We help members here in the community and not by "funneling" them off to some other location. It's your first thread and you are attempting to hijack our membership. Please refrain from this going forward.

Engage the members in the forums, that way everyone benefits!


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Hiya, Salvatore and welcome to AffiliateFix!

Yes, networking with others can be beneficial, both for information and moral support. We have plenty of both here, with more than 89,000 members of the AFix family. :)

Anytime you have a question, need help, or want to share some good information, just start a thread to let us know.

Enjoy the forums, Salvatore!


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hi , welcome to affiliatefix. Seems like you had a rough start ...i hope you take it positively and do the needful. Best wishes .