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  1. vish1688

    Affiliate Mastermind Group

    Hello AffiliateFix-ers! I was wondering if anyone out there may know a good mastermind slack group, or something of that sort, that meets regularly to share learnings and experiences with new tools in the sector? I've been in the space for 20+ years and have see so many people come and go from...
  2. Andy Jonatan

    Cannot get conversions on my offers.

    Affiliate sites using: Maxbounty, Lemonads, Yepads. Traffic: Using now:PlugRush, Clickadu, Advertizer. Have used: Propellerads, Admaven, Adcash, Pushground. Traffic Types: Native, Pop, Push, Banner. CPM, CPC, SmartCPM. Direct linking, Landing Pages. Offer types: Nutra, Sweeps...
  3. Salvatore Scibetta

    The Unbelievable Idea. Learn How To Grow Fast

    Hello, guys, I'm Salvatore from Italy, I'm doing affiliate for 5 months yet, and what I discovered is that the most powerful resource to grow fast in Affiliate Marketing Is working with other people, share ideas, doing networking! I know the title was just a normal call to action so that you...
  4. S

    Marketing and seo expert

    Hi all im a marketing expert that manage several activities around the world. Mainly i work with the gambling industry to promote their products. With more than 10 years experience in the industry i link between affiliates and different online industries, as well as offering services to both...
  5. Mike Olvera

    Hello everybody...

    My name is Mike Olvera, I'm head of business development for Click4ads. Click4ads is the first true Networking Platform for established Performance Marketers. This digital space is designed to help key industry players engage and network with each other in a professional environment. I am...
  6. dontbejello

    Newbie just got behind the wheel.

    Hello Everyone, follow me on my journey, please! I swear with all the research I have done to get back into marketing. I still feel dumb as hell... So this is what I know as a whole ✔Offers. ✔ Niches, ✔Keyword search. Longtails ✔Seo one week of research on that. Talk about a waste of time on...
  7. Darryl Nuyda

    How We Make It Simple For You (MLM)

    Hello Everyone, A profitable consumerism! -Best Regards Darryl M. Nuyda
  8. Mobidea

    Meet Up Mobidea and Adcash networking party!

    Hey guys! Want to have a chill evening and connect with awesome people on the best rooftop in Berlin? We do, too! Mobidea and Adcash decided to join forces and create the best networking party in town! It has been a while since we last met and that’s why, @adcash_team and Mobidea are...
  9. JesseG-Host

    Newbie seeking advice and networking!

    Hello Affiliates! I'm Jesse and brand new to the forum. I haven't even started affiliate marketing, but am wanting to learn all I can about the industry. I stumbled into a sales job with a world class data center-Cybercon, which has a great affiliate program paying awesome 50% commissions CSA...
  10. Leadbit

    Event Moscow Affiliate Conference 2017

    Upcoming spring, on March 30th we decided to organize the very first international CPA marketing conference - Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit Group and co-owned with the iStack Holding! CPA conference in Moscow is dedicated to CPA marketing and will gather the TOP affiliates all over...
  11. Donald C. Obii

    Hello AffiliateFix Nation!!

    Hello everyone, My name is Donald Chu Obii from London, UK. I'm an alternative health & wellness direct response copywriter. Earlier, I wrote copy for companies in the property (real estate) industry. Since I was selling property at the time, this was a natural fit. As my confidence in my...

    Ask Me Anything About why you must use the Tapgerine's platform!

    Hello all, I'm Olga, Development Director at Tapgerine. I really want to connect with serious performance marketers and to exchange the business experience.;) I'm going to be super active as a member of AffiliateFix forum so be sure to send me all your questions! We have a unique platform with...
  13. Olagoke Tobi Enoch

    Olagoke Tobi Enoch of Income Ninja

    Hello house, My name is Olagoke Tobi Enoch, an affiliate marketer to the core. My model of marketing on Income Ninja is to guide people on how to carefully incorporate affiliate marketing with thier already online income stream, multiple streams won't hurt. So happy to be in the midst of like...
  14. JakeMA

    Mailer Meet Up (ASW2016)

    Hey Fixers, Apart from being main sponsors for the Affiliate Ball. MonsterAds always sponsor one of the greatest, exclusive, networking events for all the mailers in the industry. If you're heading to ASW next month and you mail you don't want to miss out on this event. The Mailer Meet Up...
  15. G

    Join us at Glispa’s Global HQ Opening Party on October 9th 2015 in Berlin, Germany

    My name is Xiao Xuan and I’m new in this forum. I’m representing Glispa in this forum and I would like to invite you to our Global HQ Opening Party. It’s an after work party so do drop by early to say hi! We are nearly fully booked so RSVP here for the last tickets and feel free to send me any...
  16. Jonathan Bailey

    Hello- Everyone Thank you for taking your time to look at my post

    My name is Jonathan Bailey and I'm an affiliate marketer for the last three year. If you have any questions like; How to get free leads, how to convert leads into sales, Why am I not getting sign ups, what is the best traffic source, what books should I be reading, how do I change my...
  17. MarinaKimia

    Kimia @ Dmexco / WMA / TES (Sept. mobile events)

    A quick heads up! Kimia will be at the following events this month: - Dmexco - Cologne (Booth 6.1, Stand B54)... they´ve just landed! xD - Webmaster Access - Amsterdam (Meet Market) - The European Summit - Prague (We will be sponsoring your happy moments ) You can visit us directly, grab...