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  1. L

    Conversion Pixels

    Hi All, I have been looking through the world of Google in relation to Conversion Pixels and what they actually are. Apparently there is lots of info out there but none of it gives a real basic understanding. I am learning how tracking links are made in CAKE and the breakdown of the actual...
  2. A

    A Newbie starting up its journey

    Hi guys, Andrea here from Italy. This forum is amazing! I'm a full-time Wordpress developer & Graphic designer who recently has focused on affiliate marketing. After months of surfing around the internet seeking information, I finally feel ready to start my first campaign. My last doubt is...
  3. A

    Hello to All

    I am very new to this affiliate marketing and I feel overwhelmed at times, so with that being said if anyone has pointers I am open for any advice I can get. I was working as a House Manager at a CBRF for 17 years. I have 4 boys and would love to become financially stable so I can give our...
  4. A

    Hi there, just getting started :)

    Hi there, glad to be here!! I have a question for you guys, I've heard of automated systems that do all the work for you.. Would you recommend? would you buy them if you were just starting out like me? I would love to hear what you think! tnx :) adi
  5. C

    How I became a CB Affiliate

    For a while I was looking for ways to earn passive income online because I cannot physically work at the moment being a full time student. I followed steps on how to be a successful Clickbank Affiliate Marketer and so far this has worked for me! Honestly, it took me about a week to actually...
  6. D

    The new german in the forum want to learn as much as possible. Suggestion where to start?

    Hey guys, first of all thanks for reading, I am Daniel a young guy 21 years old and from germany. A newbie you could say and as you can imagine I have no specific clue right now where to start. I want to know evrything about online marketing and after the first few hours I seem to be at right...
  7. A

    I'm a pharmacist who just starting Affiliate marketing

    hi my name is abdallah i'm a pharmacist from Egypt i have been reading about cpa and affiliate marketing for 2 years. and yesterday i just started in affiliate marketing. so kindly if you have any advice,method or guide to push me forward i will be pleased. thanks
  8. arifarfx

    Newbie Joined This Awesome Place

    I'm newbie on CPA, but have any experience on blogging and autoblogging since 2009. Your advice thread is my navigator on affiliate marketing. Thank for all.
  9. jamesqzh

    Greeting from Shanghai

    Hi Guys, nice to meet you, my name is James, im a newbie of affiliate marketing. I had experience in an Adnetwork as BD manager to deal with advertiser side, and now, Im fully engaged in the affiliate marketing to be a good affiliate to make money by myself, hope I can know some friends in here...
  10. Abdelmadjid Cherfaoui

    Hey There

    Hi guys, My name is Abdelmadjid Cherfaoui,I'm a website developer and I work also as a blogger,I want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and CPA,that's why I joined you here. Thank you in advanced.
  11. Ebon3 Fyre

    Hello World

    My name is Ebon3 Fyre and I am looking to increase my income and offer my clients wonderful offers! I have not had a whole lot if luck with affiliate marketing before but am trying once again to give it a go. Wish me luck in my journey to success as I shall wish the same for you! Have an awesome...
  12. L

    Just a NEWBIE

    Hi Everyone - finally got my A into gear and became serious about making a living on the Internet, and I am looking forward to learning from you all, and hopefully to become a success like so many of you. I appreciate your involvement and if you feel that I need to go one way or another -...
  13. Karl Paras

    i Need a little tip Guys :(

    Should i put up just one site and work my ass on it until I get how Affiliate marketing works, then diversify? Or, Should i invest more and put up different sites, experiment and observe, and see what works?
  14. C

    Where is best to advertise?

    Hi, I'm new to affiliate marketing and entering the game as an affiliate to be specific. I have the creative to post and am wondering what your opinion is for the best place to post my offer? I've heard Facebook can be effective, and have also looked into 3rd party affiliate networkers. Thanks!
  15. M

    All Around Guy Extraordinaire

  16. ryan333r

    Starting CPA with low budget

    I am a college student with limited funds. I did a lot of research work on CPA marketing and finally started. I can make a maximum investment of $100 per month. I read a lot about targeting the mobile devices more rather than PCs, using various paid traffic sources and landing page...
  17. Lise

    Newbie interested in making huge life changes.

    I've been around affiliate marketing for at least 8 years, but gave up a few years ago because of scammers and unscrupulous programs that promised big bucks but delivered nothing. I came across Jay's videos on YouTube and thought he seemed a straight talker, no BS and no lies. Then I found...
  18. Ganoaffiliate

    Is Gaming Vertical Still Good?

    Hello FIX'ers I'm really new to IM and REALLY new to Mobile AM. I happy to say that I'm loving this business and I know (for sure) some day I will make it, for what I have read I have concluded that one of the key facts to get started is choosing a vertical (Hope Im not wrong) . I like the...
  19. L

    newbie in affiliate marketing,come on!!

    Hello everyone. I am a Chinese, English is not my mother Language, so my English is poor, write the words may be fluent, I hope you forgive me. . . . I do affiliate marketing have 6 months, mainly to do mobile affiliate marketing. But always lost money, so come in to affiliatefix, to learn from...