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How to Use PPV Marketing to Promote CPA Offers

Bey Alhamdi

Pay-per-view (PPV) marketing, also known as Cost-per-view (CPV), has proved to be one of the most popular forms of online marketing used by BizProfits publishers. Although quite similar to PPC, it doesn’t rely on the Quality Score and has significantly lower bids, which reduces the amount of initial investment. As an additional benefit, PPV lets you target the audience that visits websites of your competitors directly.

The mechanism of serving a PPV ad is simple: users download a certain piece of software that enables them to play online games, search the Internet, perform SEO tasks and do hundreds of other things. By downloading and installing the software, a user agrees to be served ads in exchange for being able to utilize the functions of the software, i.e. play free games.

The ads come in different shapes and forms, such as banner or intext ads and even new browser instances showing your landing page (pop-unders). Due to the technology used, such ads are not filtered away by most pop-up blockers.

PPV marketing seems to be a rather straightforward technique, yet its successful implementation requires certain knowledge and investment of effort. In this blog post, we will provide a quick guide on where and how to start with PPV if you want to use it for BizProfits CPA offers.

– A PPV network account
– An offer to promote
– URL targets or keywords
– A landing page

A PPV network account
There are multiple PPV networks available right now. Getting ahead of ourselves, if a certain network hasn’t worked well enough for you, do not despair and try another one – their conditions and target audiences differ significantly. The most frequently used of them are: 50onRed, DirectCPV
And Media traffic.

An offer to promote
If you haven’t already, sign up to BizProfits. It is highly recommended to reach one of the account managers directly via Skype. There are two reasons to choose this option: first, you will get approved much faster and second, you will be able to consult the account manager about good offers to start with. Once registered, you will get access to a variety of offers in different verticals. When choosing the offer to promote, pay attention to its EPC (earnings per click) rate. Highly profitable and PPV-friendly verticals are Financial, Biz Opps, Binary Options, Sweepstakes and Lotto.

Target URLs or keywords
When you have your bestseller offer, it is time to add target URLs or keywords to your campaign. The best results are usually achieved when you target websites that offer the same products or services as your actual offer, i.e. use your competitor’s websites as URL targets. In this case, when a user decides to visit one of the specified competitor websites, your ad will show up in the “you may also like” manner.

A landing page
Landing page is the first thing that your audience sees after they click on your ad or the ONLY thing they see in a new browser window. It should be short, simple, easy to read and straight to the point. Make sure your page is consistent with your ad, as it will improve the conversion rate. There is an open debate on whether affiliate marketers should use landing pages or direct links. Most of our publishers are doing great with their own pages. The reason is simple: just like in case with other types of ads, an additional stage in the process of converting customers works to “heat up” users. They require additional persuasion to buy the product or service you are promoting. It is highly recommended to check your landing page with your account manager.

The most challenging part in the process of making a profitable PPV campaign is probably connecting the right audience with the right offer. Be in touch with your account manager and test different URL’s. Test different targeting combinations, track your results, optimize your campaigns and eventually you will achieve jaw dropping progress.
A quick tip: a service called Unfold Ads lets you monitor already existing campaigns and implement the best solutions in your own PPV campaign. It is a good knowledge base if you are new to PPV.

Hopefully, these tips are enough to get you started! Feel free to contact your account manager for consult and support. We also want you to do well in your performance marketing activity!