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  1. Honeybadger

    How to boil an egg in your electric kettle

    Did you know its possible to boil an egg in your kettle? Fill kettle near capacity Boil kettle Add your egg(s) - carefully, with spoon Re-boil kettle for 3-4 minutes, or longer if you want hard boil eggs Empty water Eat eggs Rejoice at learning something new! :p Tip If your electic kettle has...
  2. ManionOverboard


    Hi Y'all! A bit of background on me - I started my first affiliate website way back around 1999 when I was a wee little 14 year old. I got insanely lucky in the sense that my first affiliate website made a sale and I made in total something like $150 from my commission sales of Geox shoes...
  3. davidedt

    How to find a efficient Instagram Influencer for niche?

    Hello, how can I find in a short time an efficient instagram influencer with a good engagement, who has no fake but real followers so that I can offer him a collaboration for advertising through instagram stories? Thank you for reply!
  4. Stencil

    Official Pinterest Webinar {FREE}

    A few days ago, there was a Webinar where Pinterest got interviewed by Tailwind. Should answer quite a lot of questions, so I thought i'd share it. There were a couple of other webinars, but these were not made public and not sure if and how I can share them here. either way, enjoy.
  5. thehustler

    How to get a google voice number?

    Hey, I have been trying to get a google voice number and I used 2Line, TextMe, TextFree apps but google voice is NOT accepting these to forward the calls. I am already using VPN and default country code in my Gmail account is set to the US but can't get past the forwarding verification. Any...
  6. A

    How To Make Money in 2018

    How To Make Money in 2018 for beginner
  7. A

    How can I Approve of Google Adsense?

    Hello, my friends. I have recently created a blog and I already posted 25 articles on this blog so how can I try Google Adsense?
  8. Evan Forsyth

    How long does it take for Bing AD to be approved?

    Hi Guys, I'm just starting out with pay per click ads on Bing and curious how long is the average rate for your new Ad to be approved. Thankyou Guys. I'm promoting a clickbank offer with the ad. Can I ask what is a good number of keywords to have for your ad.
  9. Kennedy Ijeh

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello everyone. I need a little help. Recently ive decided that I was going to start taking affiliate marketing seriously. Ive done mlms and other affiliate marketing ventures, but have ALL failed. Well after reflecting on my failed attempts I decided i had to figure out what was wrong. To start...
  10. Z

    Retargeting Basics with AdsBridge

    What is retargeting, and how can it help you increase conversion rates? Just like any internet user, you have probably seen online advertisements for items that you recently searched for. You may think that you are being watched or followed. If so, you are right! This type of marketing strategy...
  11. Z

    What is AdsBridge Auto Optimization?

    As you may know, the Automatic Campaign Optimization is a unique feature that was first introduced on AdsBridge platform. It’s been launched and running for quite some time, however, we still receive questions like: “What benefits does it give?”, “Why do affiliates need it?”, and “How does it...
  12. Z

    How to Check Adsbridge Statistics

    Hello! Here's a quick reminder guide on how to check your statistics within the Adsbridge platform. Viewing and implementing information from your statistics is essential to running successful campaigns! In this article, you will find out how to: – use the bot filter – get the needed reports...
  13. L

    Advice for newbies.

    Hello there everyone. I'm just dipping my toes into this world and I'm not quite sure about what a lot of this stuff is or means. Is there anything you could suggest for a newbie to read? I saposed lots of you who worked hard are not going to give a secret so best place to go? Or direction?
  14. Z

    Setting up a Bot Trap in AdsBridge

    Any affiliate would want to get only clean traffic. Unfortunately, the ground truth is that there are still many bots on the Internet that bombard your ad campaigns and spoil figures. And no one wants to pay for the bot traffic, of course! The suggested trap will determine bots by two...
  15. comegetbravo

    [Follow along] How to create your first profitable campaign on mobile!

    Okay, here we go. After lurking around this forum for a long time, it's now time for me to give back, and here I will post a case study of a campaign that I've been running for a little more than 2 weeks now (I won't post the campaign as long as it's live, but it'll come soon :)) I'll guide...
  16. Jasa

    newbie here...[ASK] how to get targeted visitors

    how to get targeted visitors from certain countries .. , what social media is the best to get it?
  17. E

    Grumpa Newbie in the Bahamas

    Hi I'm E. Anthony(Tony)Claridge, a.k.a “Grumpa Ed” from the Sunny Shores of Nassau; On October 17th 2001...I've never been the same since courtesy of a “Stroke” fault totally because of not taking my Meds on time and most times, not at all! Anyway, that is another story that I'll get to...
  18. Will Hawkins

    I'm in!

    I've just joined the network. I'm an affiliate marketer who began by making 'how to' videos for fixing smartphones and iPads. The videos (six of them) have gained over 750,000 views so far and they produce a steady income. I learnt a lot from them but still have loads to do. Hopefully, I can...
  19. Bey Alhamdi

    How to Use PPV Marketing to Promote CPA Offers

    Pay-per-view (PPV) marketing, also known as Cost-per-view (CPV), has proved to be one of the most popular forms of online marketing used by BizProfits publishers. Although quite similar to PPC, it doesn’t rely on the Quality Score and has significantly lower bids, which reduces the amount of...