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  1. jowel

    Partnership Looking for affiliate programs and advertising networks to work with

    Nifty Stats looking for affiliate programs and advertising networks to work with. We are looking for mutual promotion, we will introduce your affiliate programs or advertising network on our website, mailing to 20 000 users and on our social channels and resources. Interested ? Contact us...
  2. Sethnic

    Introducing myself ..

    Hi! My name is Seth, and my day job was/will be in the performing arts. I am a musical theater composer, director, and performer. So creativity and imagination are my unique abilities. I've always enjoyed making websites, dabble in PHP, and have created a few sites around affiliate programs...
  3. Ludovic Vuillier

    Affiliates Wanted The Good Life Manifesto

    Every single person you meet is on a quest to live their best life possible. The problem is that most people don't know where to start. This means that every single person is a potential client for you to be making money as an affiliate with us! Not everyone has the same path to happiness...
  4. Ron C

    Your Favorite Promotion Method In 2019?

    How do you normally promote your campaigns? Advertising Email marketing Blogging Social media sharing etc.
  5. jowel

    Tube/Video Sites Submitter

    Sign up to our affiliate program and make huge money from your sites, blogs etc.. You can make up to 20% from every sold product INCLUDING REBILLS! Basic information about the affiliate program: Promote software on your website and get paid for it! Get 20.00% commission on every sale you...
  6. thehustler

    CPA Offer multiple changing domains issue and Bing Ads

    Hey, two issues that I am facing: 1) Some of the CPA offer's domains keep on changing from time to time and Bing Ads does NOT like that. I tried to explain to them that only the domains change but the landing page and it's contents are the SAME. And they are not agreeing. They say that whatever...
  7. thehustler

    What are the ways to promote Geo Targeted CPA offers?

    Hey, I want to promote CPA offers of various Geo locations like Germany, Ireland, Denmark etc but I don't know the languages of those countries, so I need to know how and what are the ways to promote multiple Geo-targeted location CPA offers? For example, the CPA offer that I'm looking has its...
  8. TechMan33

    Affiliates Wanted SaaS B2B Website tool - Lifetime Converted Customer Revenue Share!

    Do you have traffic with Website Owners - Particularly ones that offer free content (DIY, Articles, Advice, Instructions) or ecommerce? If so, you need to sign up to be an affiliate for TallyRise! Details of TallyRise are below, the most important being Commission! Commission - Early...
  9. thehustler

    What is the real problem here?

    Hi, I'm trying to promote a ClickBank product in Quora. This is what I did - I went to quora and provided a good info and at the end linked to the Weebly page of the product that I'm promoting - I have no issue putting my landing page here in the forum, so...
  10. thehustler

    How to get traffic from Spain?

    Hi, here I have to promote a CPA offer to the people of Spain and I don't want to use paid traffic for now. So, how do I target Spain peoples via free traffic method? Thanks in advance!
  11. thehustler

    Why do people even click if they don't have the mind to finish the thing?

    Hi, like the title says, why do people even click if they don't have the mind to finish the thing? Yesterday I got 12 clicks and 3 leads from that and today 10 clicks and 2 leads - (pic - cpa.png attached) Note that the CPA offer was just an email submit so FREE thing, no money is involved and...
  12. thehustler

    CPA offers can get redirected to a different offer?

    Hi, my account manager is friendly and said that a CPA offer can sometimes get redirected to a pure different offer. Is that true? Suppose, for example, I'm promoting an iPhone giveaway contest and when people click the CTA button on my landing page, it can sometimes get redirected to a...
  13. thehustler

    Does Quora not like any link?

    Hi, someone asked how to start making money online and I wrote 248 words detailed article and at the middle, I put the link to my landing page (not directly to the Clickbank offer) to collect email like this: This is a step by step guide for newbies to start making money online. Then, I wrote...
  14. thehustler

    Instagram Query

    Hello, is there any perfect way to operate Instagram completely from PC? Tbh, I don't have a personal Instagram profile but I want to use it for my biz so operating things in Instagram on the phone is not smooth for me. So, how do I fully operate and use IG from PC? Also, is there any kind of...
  15. thehustler

    Quora deleted my links

    Hi, I tried to promote a Clickbank product in Quora. So, I went there and went into my niche questions and answered them in detail and I put a url to a landing page where people would put email and will ultimately take them to the CB offer page. But quora moderation deleted that. As far...
  16. I

    How to actually get FREE traffic in 2018?

    Hi, I have some products in a website and I want to concentrate on FREE traffic at the moment because I am a struggler and I don't have initial starting fund. I am looking forward to make a name for myself, hence I am looking for free traffic and as soon as I make some money from free traffic, I...
  17. Evelyn

    Announcement Happy Valentine’s Deal!

    Our relationships with our partners are what we treasure the most. In this Valentine’s day, to show our appreciation – and to keep the flame alive – we’ve prepared two exclusive Valentine’s Day deals for all our advertisers and publishers! Advertisers The Deal: Get $100 credit for every...
  18. Nongmaithem Archna

    Valentine's Day Promocode

    Hi Affiliates, Are you interested in promoting Gifts? It's Valentine's season, people are hungry for gifts. Zeitgeist Gifts launches a new coupon for Valentine;s Day that offers 25% Off. To start promoting, join the program. Check it out here Zeitgeist Gifts - A New Affiliate Program
  19. Evelyn

    Selling Traffic Native Ads Flash Sale With 50% Cash Back!

    Good news! TrafficStars is announcing a 2-Week Flash Sale on our Native Ad Format! For every $100 spent on Native Ad RON campaigns, advertisers will receive a $50 cash back. The deal is valid for all Native Ad RON campaigns that spend a minimum of $100 between January 23rd and February 6th...
  20. EmmaXiao

    What channels you find are effective for marketing?

    I am promoting a SaaS product and now have no idea where to find effective channels and what ways are better for promoting. Come on, give some advice!! THX!!