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How to design the eCommerce Websites?

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by sambugtreat, Feb 17, 2017.

  1. sambugtreat

    sambugtreat Affiliate affiliate

    How to design the eCommerce Websites?
    suggest a tips..
  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Softwaremee

    Softwaremee Affiliate affiliate

    First, run the sniff test.
    ask yourself these few simple questions:
    1) Is it clear within 3 seconds of visiting my site what products I sell?
    2) Would I feel comfortable giving this site my credit card information?
    3) If a visitor comes to my site knowing what they want, can they find it in less than 30 seconds?
    4) If a visitor comes to my site to browse, do I offer any suggestions?
    5) Do I provide unique and relevant content that engages my visitors?

    Make it easy to tell what products you sell.
    Make shoppers comfortable handing over personal information.
    Make it easy for visitors to find the products they want.
    Offer suggestions to browsers that turn them into buyers.
    Provide unique and relevant content.
    Keep testing elements of your site.
    1) Test the color, size and placement of your Add-to-Cart button.

    2) Test the order of your product categories in your navigation, or try adding a new product category.

    3) Test featuring your top-selling product on the homepage.

    4) Test adding a sing-up for special offers button to your homepage.

    5) Test whether coupons impact conversion rates.
  4. Roger-Mark

    Roger-Mark Affiliate affiliate

    An ecommerce software is a great tool that can help you build an online store even if you have no technical chops.
    There are a lot of them, and they all seem to promise to make building an online store simple. They also seem to offer similar tools and features.
    1) Shopify
    2) BigCommerce
    3) Wix eCommerce
  5. Cindy Robert

    Cindy Robert Affiliate affiliate

    Simply use any good CMS. OpenCart is best for short ecommerce websites. For big e-commerce setups, use Magento because it is widely used in the world.
  6. martinsmith

    martinsmith Affiliate affiliate

    E-Commerce is a transaction of buying or selling items online. And E-commerce software is a tool to create ecommerce websites.
    Some of the ecommerce softwares are :
    2.Big Commerce
    3.Wix ecommerce
    4.Weebly ecommerce
  7. Leming

    Leming Affiliate affiliate

    1. Hire designer to create the template.
    2. Hire the coder to get HTML/CSS and integrate to E-commerce CMS.
  8. Ashutosh1

    Ashutosh1 Affiliate affiliate

    3 step to start E-commerce websites:
    Step 1 - Choosing an Industry and Product
    Step 2 - Finding Manufactures with Great Products
    Step 3 – Setting up the Website
  9. Dean Brabin

    Dean Brabin Affiliate affiliate

    you can create your e-commerce website with keep in mind these simple tips:
    First run the sniff test
    Do it easy to tell what products you sell
    Make shoppers comfortable handing over personal informatin.
  10. Marketing Pro

    Marketing Pro Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    You can use out of the box solutions like shopify, big commerce or woo commerce. However if you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd who are using the same templates and build a unique ecommerce website, hire a web design company. Build your ecommerce site to your specifications and bring all of your ideas for you ideal site to life. Magento is a great platform.
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  11. Dolin

    Dolin Affiliate affiliate

    I use some free website templates for my websites. They can work nicely for some small websites, I guess. If you need to build a website fast, it is a really cool solution for you
  12. Hostingsafety

    Hostingsafety Affiliate affiliate

    I just got my another e-commerce website designed with Ultimez. I would like to recommend it for you as well.
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  13. Guy Tal

    Guy Tal Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    a) Start with define your customers and their needs.

    b) Choose one of the platforms that already mentioned.

    c) If you chose to work with website development team – make sure they understand point a.
  14. Flora John

    Flora John Affiliate affiliate

    I'm looking to create an e-commerce website. I want it to independent as in i'm not looking to run a shop on shopify or any other subscription based platform because they all have their own limitations.Ideally I want to scale the website in the future so it will need to have its own backend. I do not have any technical background so I will have to hire a web-developer. But I have a design in mind so should I get a graphic designer to make a PSD and then talk to the developer?
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  15. Sten Martin

    Sten Martin Affiliate affiliate

    Check at least 10 your niche websites. Choose the most convenient and beautiful, take them as a basis and add your unique details.
  16. Prashant S

    Prashant S Affiliate affiliate

    You should talk to developer first about the design and architecture of website. He can guide you technically very well to scale up the website in future. Designer can guide you for the design, graphics and layout.
  17. MikeSimm

    MikeSimm Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Yup, do not re-invent the wheel again.
  18. freddyshelton

    freddyshelton Affiliate affiliate

    firstly, choose the e-commerce platform software:
    like shopify, Woocommerce, magento etc
    It makes easy to build E-commerce website.
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  19. WeweMedia

    WeweMedia Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hi there, I usually suggest people to find themes and templates in ENVATO MARKET - THEME FOREST. Most is Paid templates for major E-commerce platform, and the purchase is well worth the money. It's not that expensive and you get to try and see how your webpage will look like with the preview. If you like the template, it's just a matter of purchase, integrating to the platform and modify the looks and content according to your own need. There's no coding knowledge required.
  20. Ajaijay030

    Ajaijay030 Affiliate affiliate

    Its Simple Go to Opensoure platform like Wordpress, Magento, Opencart
  21. ajit patel

    ajit patel Affiliate affiliate

    This is how e commerce websites can be design easier.
    Multi versus single item destinations

    One of the greatest contrasts in how to approach designing an e commerce site depends on whether it's a multi-item site or a solitary item site. A site offering huge amounts of items has altogether different necessities contrasted with one offering just a solitary thing (regardless of whether that be a physical item or a virtual one).

    Single-item destinations are regularly a solitary page. Here and there they're arranged like a letter (I believe we're all acquainted with those, and keeping in mind that they're not the best style from an outline point of view, they do tend to work in numerous businesses).

    Other single-item destinations have different pages (especially for higher-end and more costly items), yet are still generally straightforward from a data design outlook.

    Site offering different items, then again, essentially all have numerous pages. Exactly what number of to a great extent relies upon the quantity of product being sold. Littler destinations may just offer a modest bunch of things, and consequently may just have a modest bunch of pages. Different locales may offer thousands (or several thousands, or even millions) of things, requiring numerous, numerous more pages.

    Consider deliberately how the data on these destinations ought to be composed. A site with a huge number of pages will have altogether unique needs and frameworks set up to continue everything reliable and sorted out than a site with just a couple of pages.

    The plan process

    While the outline process for a web based business website isn't horribly unique in relation to the process for some other sort of web page, there are some extra things to consider and to make sense of before really designing and all through the process until (and after) dispatch.

    As a matter of first importance, if it's a set up product offering or store, at that point there are likely officially going to be a ton of configuration builds set up. Discover what these are ideal from the earliest starting point.

    Something else to consider is existing item photographs, and whether there is a financial plan for new ones. In the event that each item photograph you'll need to utilize has an exceptionally moderate look, at that point designing an extremely luxurious site may not work (or may set aside some additional opportunity to make work), and the other way around. Better to discover from the earliest starting point than to hold up until the point when the plan is done just to be given photographs that conflict horrendously.

    The business channel and what number of pages exist between the site's landing page and the last checkout page is likewise a fundamental thought, and ought to be mapped out from the earliest starting point.