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Relevant affiliates search and recruit tool. Stop wasting time with irrelevant affiliates.

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    On an average, an affiliate manager/ business development will sort minimum 2,000 websites in order to retrieve 200 accurate and relevant results. If you measure page loading time, at 2 -3 minutes analyzing each website (if you are fast and experienced) you will spend approximately 4,000 minutes , that's 66 hours to retrieve only 200 websites and when you need to repeat this actions month after month hey, you can do better than that.
    Findaff is the solution that saves valuable hours of online search to recruit new affiliates and allows affiliate managers to manage their existing affiliate program!!!

    Findaff.com has developed a search tool which sorts thousands of websites and returns hundreds of only relevant and active results ,saving affiliate managers hours & days searching the web in an attempt to recruit more affiliates to their program.

    This innovative solution saves affiliate managers both time and money. Findaff.com search tool is a must for every affiliate manager/ business development.
    We will provide 100% accurate affiliates/B2B partners relevant to your business personalize needs.
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