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Get Your Tracking Links Approved with FB - Every Time!

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by Stephen ThriveTracker, May 7, 2018.

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    Stephen ThriveTracker

    Stephen ThriveTracker Active Member Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    There's been much reported lately regarding FB Ads purging the use of tracking links. It seems every day there is a new post on any one or several of the common discussion boards about difficulties being experienced, and chances are this won't be changing any time soon. In light of recent bad publicity, FB is doing their damnedest to save face with users and has decided to over-emphasize customer experience, even at the expense of their own bottom line.

    That being said, the days of using trackers with FB Ads are not over - they are merely evolving.

    Tracking platforms are beginning to offer an "organic tracking method", which allows the user to leave a redirection link out of the campaign and instead utilize a pixel to fire the campaign and gather insight data. This technology is now more important than ever before, as tracking links have never been denied with such regularity.

    The process is simple:

    - Get started with a tracker that offers pixel-based tracking (at thrivetracker, we call ours the "Landing Page Pixel" and we started offering this more than two years ago).
    - Build your campaign as usual on the tracking platform.
    - Leave the redirect link unused, and instead opt for the pixel (it will need to be installed in the source code on your landing page).
    - Use the URL of your landing page as the "destination URL" of the FB Ads Campaign.
    - Let the clicks be counted by the pixel as it fires and gathers the same great insight data on each visitor to your campaign.

    Is this functionality going to offer 100% of the same amazing features as the gold-standard redirection link? -No.
    However, 95% functionality paired up with FB Ads Campaign Approvals is going to bring in a greater return than link-based denials.

    It will require a bit of adaptation on your part, but you won't be the loser in today's FB Ads environment. There are several tracking platforms offering a feature like this (full disclosure, I head up one of them) and there's ZERO REASON why you should stand still and wait for FB to start allowing redirection links again.

    Quit losing money because they puckered up.
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    That's great to hear!
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