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fb ads

  1. koka12

    Fb Ads

    Hi, I'm still beginner, How can I analyse my fb data campaign? what should I read in metrics? can you help me to analyse that ?

    Review Where to buy Facebook accounts

    In a separate article, we have already written that Facebook accounts are different. These can be autoregs, brutes, real user accounts, or cloud accounts. A separate criterion is how much the account is warmed up: how many activities the account has, how long ago it was last used, etc. On the...

    Review Main mistakes in running Facebook ads

    We've rounded up the top mistakes that affiliates make when launching Facebook ads. Before launching your ads, check your ad campaign with the blocks below. Wrong budget allocation Before launching large-scale ad campaigns, test the effectiveness of your ad on a small audience with a small...
  4. M

    I am new here.

    Hello everyone I am new in affiliate marketing, i want to start Facebook ads (paid traffic) can you please suggest me which type SOI CPL offers for my traffic.

    Ask Me Anything How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019

    How to Scale Up Facebook Campaigns with Blackhat Offers in 2019 Forget seeing other Facebook campaigns flop and learn the ins and outs of how to scale up Facebook campaigns with blackhat offers in 2019. Taking advantage of the limitless possibilities of the advertising platform of Facebook can...
  6. L

    Thanks for Adding me |New to Affiliate

    Hi Hustler, Thanks for adding me in this forum! I just started my journey in this realm and hoping to learn from this community. I might have a very elementary question and would appreciate any direction. To start with I'm thinking of running paid ads especially FB Thanks Lama
  7. R

    FB Optimization Question

    Hello, Do you guys have any sort of thumbrule for when you'd give up on a given offer? I'm running a $20 CPA offer right now on FB and have just 2 conversions so far on almost $300 spent.. Just curious as to when you really decide to move on to another offer. Thank you!
  8. marttoom

    Getting a banned FB Ad account back

    Hi, I've been recently getting banned more and more often by Facebook. This seems to happen now even when running compliant offers. It used to be that a simple appeal fixed it, but doesn't seem to be that easy anymore. Found this really good recommendation from a FB Ads group for a guide how to...
  9. Spiegelman

    Canadian newbie saying HI!

    Hello everyone, today I'm excited because,... finally I was able to set up my FIRST EVER ad on Facebook, it took me several days to learn how to do it, between knowing what's an URL and how to cloak it, creating a banner, and filling up those countless tech things that are asked when you place...
  10. Idvert_Elaine

    Ask Me Anything FB spy tool – The Ultimate Solution for FB (Discounts Included!)

    ●Need new angles and creatives? ●Look for profitable black hat campaigns and related networks? ●Want to keep an eye on your competitors and learn from their marketing strategy? ●Have no idea for selecting niche and market? If you’ve ever met above problems, Idvert could definitely do you a...
  11. thehustler

    Is this why FB and AdWords shuts off ads and disables accounts?

    Hey, saw this post in a FB group. This guy is promoting ClickBank product via FB ads and he says that we should not use triggering words like fat, weight loss etc? Huh? His results after he stopped using those words - He says that he lost 2 accounts and when he stopped using such words like...
  12. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Get Your Tracking Links Approved with FB - Every Time!

    There's been much reported lately regarding FB Ads purging the use of tracking links. It seems every day there is a new post on any one or several of the common discussion boards about difficulties being experienced, and chances are this won't be changing any time soon. In light of recent bad...
  13. Koro

    Can I sell SMM things on new Marketplace??

    I have many very interesting SMM things like Facebook acs, followers, likes, shares Instagram acs, followers, views YouTube acs, likes, subs. And many etc thithin. So can i sell something of this?
  14. heythem500

    What's wrong with fb ads? flagged

    Hi, I wasn't advertise on fb for a while but after I reactivated a campaign day ago I got flagged that quick !!! and the reason was "We don't support ads for your business model" Does fb changed its rules or what? they just blocking our business that easy. any solution or suggestions for...
  15. abdellahi

    Playing with FB ads

    last few days playing with Fb ads what about you guy's?
  16. M


    WHy can't I change the link preview image on one of my pages anymore? So frustrating. When I put the link in the message and then try to change the picture. The picture will upload, but it won't let me select that picture to become the main image for the link preview. It does allow me to edit...
  17. John_Vianny

    Social Media Marketing Strategies

    Social media network occurs to be the owning power of the Net. The capability for end users of numerous websites to share industrialized web content has actually produced it possible for truths to be spread out quicker compared to any type of person might have possibly pictured. If you would...
  18. Walid Chaki

    About facebook ads banning ??

    Hey , I have a 4 questions about ban from Fb ads : 1 - If facebook ads deactived my account , can't I get it back again ( If No, how can I get it back ) 2- If facebook ads deactived my account , Can't I create new account with same credit card ?? 3- What are the requierements that should be...
  19. terevenue

    Fb audiance insight for targeting

    Hey good day/evening depending on time your reading this. I have been watching alot of videos on the correct way to target audiences for a fb ad using audiance insight. One thing I am noticing is that no one uses the behavior feauture in regards to targeting audiance based on purchase habits...
  20. P

    Which Cloacker you use while running CPA offers in FB?

    I am curious to know about the Cloacker or special trick you guys use while running CPA offers in Facebook. Can you please explain or link up with some threads of this forum? Thanks.