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Do you think it is good that your web is the number one on search engine?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by jingwen, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. jingwen

    jingwen Affiliate affiliate

    Why we use seo with our web? I think all of us want our web is the number one on the search engines.But is it good?
    Yes, it could have high traffic,and you can earn more money .
    But did you think is it have any disadvantage?
    1. There will be more people copying your content.
    2. There will be competitors trying to use various methods trap you.
    3. Will attract the attention of search engines, will be artificially blocked your site.
    4. Some people will be on your optimization technology, and then imitate you, kill you.
    So we could not cling to the number,we'd better abundance our content,only we do that,though we have no good number on search engine,we also could earn more money online.
  2. newbidder
  3. temi

    temi Facilitator affiliate

    Your post is interesting, does it mean you do not aim to be on page one in search engines for fear of what you outlined above?
  4. Bagi Zoltán

    Bagi Zoltán Boss Cart consultant affiliate

    What you are saying is not about seo, it is about the human nature I suppose. The envy has been a decisive catalyst of our human history. If you exceed from the crowd, you need to get ready to protect your position.

    Otherwise it is a pitty that this thread has been started at almost every webmaster forum.
  5. jithuden

    jithuden Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah it's natural because every thing has it's advantages as well as disadvantages ,.
  6. tommygun

    tommygun Affiliate affiliate

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  7. surreypcsupport

    surreypcsupport Affiliate affiliate

    Very odd logic. Any business will benefit from more visitors by being ranked number one compared with being ranked number 5 for example.

    Point 1 - Yes, but people may copy your content whether you are number 1 or not.

    Point 2 - I am perfectly happy in the knowledge that competitors are spending time attempting to 'trap me' whatever that means.

    Point 3 - You'll only be 'blocked' (you mean a manual penalty) if your site has gained the number 1 spot through dubious means.

    Point 4 - Again. let them spend time on this while I spend time serving customers/developing new services.
  8. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy Affiliate affiliate

    I am number 1 for 'google expert' on google,

    have I had death threats? YES, but because of my rugby forum :D
    Have i been penalised NO as I am white hat.
    Have I had my content copied? YES all the damn time

    is it worth it? YES as I have bragging rights, and it got me on the BBC :D
  9. thesslstore

    thesslstore Affiliate affiliate

    Yes, It is good for me. It is not easy to stay number one in Google and you can done it than you make a brand identity.
  10. OldWelshGuy

    OldWelshGuy Affiliate affiliate

    Well I am #1 for google expert for a search on google.co.uk (keep in mind that results are now geo located, so outside the Uk you might get different results).
  11. colinuk

    colinuk Affiliate affiliate

    your web is the number one on the search engines it is really good thing, dont affreid of your compititor, seo having more competitive market.so try to do better than your competitor:thumbup:
  12. bobwilson37

    bobwilson37 Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah, if you fear for blocking and other things you won't get any profits..So many people will play different tactics to grab the users attention, it may happen..But if you stop working on your site because of hackers it will be foolish, if they were copying your content let them do but one day definitely they will be panalized or even they may block also...Thanks..

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