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CPALead , Payment date keeps rolling forwards automatically.

Discussion in 'Disputes and Resolutions' started by Daniel Khazaal, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Daniel Khazaal

    Daniel Khazaal Affiliate affiliate

    I started publishing on CPALead a little while ago, and I actually focused on creating Niches which in return made me some referral money(Here's the first not allowed excuse as I don't have any *Bad Traffic* which I've seen CPAlead tell their customers) since I'm not really the one getting any traffic. Moving on, It's not a very big deal as the amount is as little as approximately 200$. I didn't put a lot of effort because I was actually just testing the website and apparently they turned out to be a scam so thankfully I hadn't put lots of effort in working with them. I attempted to send a lot of emails to CPAlead several times and yet with not even a response. The only automated response I ever receive is that they will be replying within 24 hours due to high traffic...Well awesome it's been months now :D I uploaded the proof as attached files. ps: I directed my email to "Justin" as he usually assisted me with issues in my account. I wish I could upload proof of the tickets I've submitted as well however that's not possible as they are done through their website. I'd also like to add that I recently submitted a new Niche which has not been posted on the website nor did I get any alert about it whether it needs any enhancing. I'm being completely ignored by CPALead! Once again, to me, along with the fact that I'm posting this thread as a complaint, it's also a warning to users who would like to start working with CPALead to AVOID it! Trust me it's not a customer friendly place to be in.
    Best Regards,
    Daniel Khazaal

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  2. Voluum
  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    CPALead was removed from our Resources section last year because they were unresponsive. What that means for you at the moment, is that we cannot intervene on your behalf, as they do not respond.

    Just something I noticed in your screenshot:


    Your payment isn't due yet. Your title suggests that the balance keeps rolling forward, is there a minimum payment amount that you haven't reached yet?

    Have you tried calling them? Are you able to contact them on Skype?


    We have a number of members working with CPALead, maybe one of them will pop in here.
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  4. Daniel Khazaal

    Daniel Khazaal Affiliate affiliate

    Hello, thanks for your reply. However, what I meant is that the date keeps rolling forward. My minimum is 50$ which i exceeded months ago. My point is that the date of the payment started for example as “30/05/2017” then on 30/5 it moved to “30/06/2017”..and so on, with no response from them whatsoever. Thanks for the assistance I will try to call them if they don’t respond at all
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  5. sabajua

    sabajua Affiliate affiliate

    did you get paid? could contact with them?
  6. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate