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  1. M

    how do u get paid weekly ?

    questions about affiliate networks that pays weekly do u get paid for sales/leads every week or is it next week sorry for the newbie question
  2. K

    Affiliate networks not paying

    Is it true that some affiliate networks don't pay their affiliate even if their traffic was legit and followed the rules, if it's true pls tell me what should I look for when picking a network and is a reliable source
  3. 3Snet network

    Study real cases, don`t ignore rules

    # Tips and cases Leave a better impression on your prospective clients through a welcome message. How to compose a good one? Read, learn and implement. How to benefit from Instagram? Interview with a really successful newbie webmaster - very smart user of the modern e-tools. Read the case...
  4. L

    Announcement lemonads introduces Weekly Payments

    You asked, we did it ! After a study carried out with our affiliates on their needs and expectations towards us and towards the affiliate marketing industry, one of the biggest concerns was the opportunity of improving our payment terms and in particular the duration. We have taken note of the...
  5. broke to conqueror

    Is Nutriprofits dot com Legit?

    Hello, Anyone promoting Nutra products from Nutriprofits? I was searching for some review on google. But I did not get my answer. Can anyone tell me if Nutriprofits is a trusted site and pays in time or not? Thanks
  6. G

    Looking to hire someone from LATAM for research purposes

    Hello everyone! Desperately need your help, guys.. Anyone from LATAM here? Primary interest - Argentina, Brazil, Mexico. Willing to pay for the following: register on websites of our interest (will pm the details); deposit with a LOCAL card in LOCAL currency; make screenshots of the whole flow...
  7. Anastasia AdCombo


    AdCombo’s Royal Fit! A special bonus that is available only for our publishers. We’ve got to show what the real network’s concern looks like. AdCombo and ePayService provide you with an exclusive opportunity to solve all the payment concerns. EPayService is ready to provide a universal solution...
  8. Chris CpaHall

    Payment gateway!!

    What do you think is the best payment gateway to receive and payout to affiliates other than PayPal?? Need a suggestion...
  9. thehustler

    Bing Ads and AdWords Account

    Hey, need to know that: 1) Can I have multiple separate Bing Ads and AdWords account on multiple outlook emails and Gmails? 2) I'm really having a problem integrating my card into Bing Ads. I think MS is noob lol. When I'm integrating the card, the processing and transaction of the small...
  10. D

    CPALead , Payment date keeps rolling forwards automatically.

    I started publishing on CPALead a little while ago, and I actually focused on creating Niches which in return made me some referral money(Here's the first not allowed excuse as I don't have any *Bad Traffic* which I've seen CPAlead tell their customers) since I'm not really the one getting any...
  11. Y

    Receive payment from indonesia

    Hi guys, i'll receive payment from Indonesian network ( involve asia) but i have problem with receiving payment, They provide sending payments by bank transfer or paypal my paypal account was limited for 180days so i can't send payment this time... also i have payoneer account but i can't...
  12. AffiliateDude

    Payment Terms Explained

    As we all know cash flow is king. So In this thread, I will be explaining payment terms for new people. Most networks operate on net 15 so whatever you make in one-month whey will pay the following month on the 15th. Net 30 They will pay so 30 days after the previous month ends. Some...
  13. Joy kalyan

    does Profit social legit?

    I'm working with profit social for few weeks, yesterday was my first payment day, I'm trying to reach my manager but he is not responding. is there anybody who works with profit social? does Profit social legit or scam?
  14. publimobinetwork

    PubliMobi CPA NETWORK Payment Proof

    PubliMobi is a company who pays weekly with a minimum of payment of 50 dollars is incredible to obtain this income so rapidly and to receive your money by means of a form of payment paypal payoneer or transfers bank
  15. abdellahi

    My Mobidea payment

    nothing wort then getting paid Daily thanks @Mobidea
  16. AffiliateDude

    My 5th MaxBounty payment!

    This is my 5th payment from them :)
  17. abdellahi

    my first payment with Mobidea

    hi everyone during past months i was only promoting health,diet offer but this month i decided to try mobile offer so i signed up on mobidea and tested 2 offers both DL after 2 days i paused one and keep the other wich generate me 56$ after 16$ spend i'll scale now since i was just trying to...
  18. AffiliateDude

    My first payment from MaxBounty

    I got my first payment from MaxBounty. Very excited. ROI = 0% Break Even Hopefully plenty more where that came from :)
  19. Aditya Saha

    Payout from Ogads

    Hi guys, It's has been a long time since I last posted in this forum. This is my last earnings from OgAds. Hope I can earn even more by working hard.
  20. abdelhadi1234

    Is globalwide media a scam ? (Closed UnResolved - Not a Scam, but also did not respond)

    I have work with globalwide media as an affiliate , and i have made about 3000$ a day when i have try to enter to my account it says : Login unsuccessful. User account is Inactive/Pending. when i have contact the affiliate Jota Ferreira he has say to me that my account was terminated and he...