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  1. J

    Propellerads are 99% bots , Be Careful

    Well I used propellerads recently for affiliate to and monitor their traffic. I got 100k popunders in north America and got : only 60k in google analytics out of those 60k , only 400 real users !!! (you can verify in Demographics tab) The rest was pure bots with location NOT SET then I dug...
  2. U

    Seeking Help Is Affiliate Marketing Dead in 2023?

    Paid Traffic is saturated. Finch Sells doesn't buy traffic anymore, he does seo now. So if someone as talented as Fich doesn't buy traffic because it's not profitable anymore, what's the chance of suceeding for the rest of us? Charles Ngo, IAmAtilla, and many others don't run paid traffic...
  3. R


    Hello the is a scam I paid $80 for a bing account and they do not respond (25 days ago)
  4. Honeybadger

    Earth 2 --> Investment Opportunity or Scam?

    This could be affiliate related But asking as a potential investor Earth 2 is some kind of virtual real estate/virtual reality start-up Alot of people spending $$$ on it I'm 30/70 (30 yes, 70 no) at the moment
  5. Lior MR

    let's fight scammers!

    hey guys, after some sad stories, I've heard from colleagues of mine (and another personal unfortunate case) I wanted to hear your opinion about scammers and how we can detect them ahead. there's a lot of scammers out there who get prepayment and disappear. in a business that relies on trust...
  6. hvbeladiya

    Cx3ads Big Scam Alert

    Cx3 Marketing and Digital Agency is a big scam company. I made a huge amount with them for 2 months and they stopped responding to me since after payment time. Website: Cx3 Marketing and Digital Agency CEO: Bryant Valentine Linkedin Profile:
  7. N

    Push Alert

    Hi this is Ninja and I'm here to let you know about [edited by Admin] which is getting done under the name of very reputable company Froggy ads. Today I encountered this [edited by Admin] when I got Skype address from their website and It was all in capital ( FROGGYADS). I sent a message to...
  8. Graybeard

    Mastermind Facebook Libra Cryptocurrency?

    FarseBook's corpocratic digital currency ... There is no consensus here only autocratic corporate policy -- Libra is a token or scrip (marker) and nothing more. Will it matter? there may be some millions real users of Fakebook that may use it Libra is under scrutiny by world governments and...
  9. X

    24Option Affiliate Managers Are Thieves (Cheated $450)

    Hello guys, I'm Xinya from Singapore and I would like to share an experience that I would never forget of. I have some experience in promote products/services via affiliate market, lately I found a forex brokerage called 24option affiliate (247traffic, 24affiliates), which turned out to be 100%...
  10. S

    TONIC. traffic - is it legit?

    i opened and account with them and put 100$ in but non of my campaigns are running and i got no answer from them... is that company a fraud?
  11. RealFire Delivered almost 80% False Traffic!!

    Hi Guys, Got an issue with my campaign on megapush. I created a campaign, targeting mobile users from United States. After maybe 2-3 days, I checked the campaign on my tracker. I'm shocked!! most of traffics and leads came from outside US !!!! Crazy!! So, I paid $$$ for false...
  12. Harris Khan

    Crowdsearch does not work anymore don't try their service!!!

    Thread closes. Service now working.
  13. D

    CPALead , Payment date keeps rolling forwards automatically.

    I started publishing on CPALead a little while ago, and I actually focused on creating Niches which in return made me some referral money(Here's the first not allowed excuse as I don't have any *Bad Traffic* which I've seen CPAlead tell their customers) since I'm not really the one getting any...
  14. Joy kalyan

    does Profit social legit?

    I'm working with profit social for few weeks, yesterday was my first payment day, I'm trying to reach my manager but he is not responding. is there anybody who works with profit social? does Profit social legit or scam?
  15. Pavel Russell

    I have an announcement to say.

    All those who ask for prepayment, are either scammers or beginners. Professionals, first of all, asking for details and trying to evaluate the deal, and only then gives you an answer, but scammers, first of all, will ask you for prepayment. When you get a job you first ask for a salary and then...
  16. gyaldem suga


    Hi guys, I've come across this website ( and wanted to know if anyone has had any experience with it. I was interested in buying an A1Revenue course. They have many affiliate marketing courses sold on this site cheaper than the original RRP. I'm curious to know if it is indeed a...
  17. Clickadu Denis

    Busted: Digital marketing slunk meat.

    Clickadu Astrologers proclaim a month of the Justice. The digital advertising market is risky and full of unscrupulous people. So, I suggest there should be at least one thread with all the possible confrontations and warnings. What is more, it may help you to break the tension and maybe solve...
  18. luckyboy

    DANGER: Have been contacted from a person "Jason Yeung"

    DANGER: Have been contacted from a person "Jason Yeung"? Guys,after making my post in this forum, have been contacted from a person "Jason Yeung" telling me he is expert in Facebook ads.We had a short discussion and i has agreed to send him $1000 through wire transfer.He did not run a campaign...
  19. S

    Head's up Amazon users' new email scam active

    due to suspicious activities your account has been set to restricted access please validate your account details to refer to the process. if you click the link you will be taken to clone of Amazon where you need ton login and add your cc info. don't do this if you have done this, clean your...
  20. HaytemMix

    DCypher Media Steal me 1200$ (Resolved)

    Hi I’ve been an affiliate with dcyphermedia for the past 3 months,i make in january 120$ just for one day because i worked just with one offer,i ask the AM (Ana) for the traffic she said it's very good just keep working Ok ,i'm a student and i don't have lot of money i borrowed 600$ from my...