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Converting facebook traffic

Discussion in 'Social Media' started by bjorno20, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. bjorno20

    bjorno20 Affiliate affiliate

    I have a facebook page in general category, that is growing at up to 200 likes a week, if I don't advertise or update.When I advertise I get post clicks at about 5-10 clicks per penny(<.002).I advertise only to Mexico and India, but pages are all English. I send all traffic to a website in fitness niche, written all, in English,I was making a profit with adsense, but the ban hammer came down(invalid clicks). I can't find any active adsense account sellers(google must have changed some procedures) and I haven't found any products that will sell on the page.I have tried banner ads in Spanish with products from Clickbank and Peerfly, but am not getting conversions. Maybe I will try ads in English next. It seems like the very low prices I am paying for facebook traffic it would be easy to turn profit, but I am struggling.
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  3. azgold

    azgold Administrator Administrator Dojo Master affiliate

    Hi, @bjorno.

    Do you interact with your FB followers, or just sell to them?

    Are you direct linking or using a landing page?

    Are you targeting your audience well when you run ads?

    Just the questions that came to mind when I read your post.
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  4. bjorno20

    bjorno20 Affiliate affiliate

    I don't interact, don't target at all, I send them to a website with viral videos and images, with random banner ads going straight to affiliate products. It was working because of the popularity of my facebook ads and my viral website content. Google adsense was doing the targeting for me which brought it all together into profit, but I am lost without adsenses' targeting magic. I have been looking for products with g general non-targeted appeal, but haven't had any luck.
  5. daudul

    daudul Affiliate affiliate

    good question [email protected] azgold
    i have 1 .. palease say .. can i sell any products without landing page .. if can how possible that ?
  6. lumeire

    lumeire Affiliate affiliate

    Go for native ad networks, there are a lot of monetization methods to go for other than Adsense. With your kind of traffic you'd have a bad time converting sales offers, so at the very least, go for the usual e-mail submits if you plan to CPA.
  7. Hooda Kismet

    Hooda Kismet Affiliate affiliate

    Have you thought of trying other types of ads like Revcontent or Taboola? If your niche is not very specific, then that might work. But again, I'm not sure...

    In my opinion, it would be better if you stick to one niche or sub-niche and target your audience better when you run Facebook ads in order to reach the right people.
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  8. bjorno20

    bjorno20 Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks I'll check those ideas. I have plenty of projects, such as websites and youtube channels targeting niches of all kinds, I was just trying to save this project, which was made specifically for adsense. It gets traffic on autopilot, I throw up new content every once in a while, and place some FB ads, right now I'm running one dollar a day and getting about 800 clicks a day so it doesn't matter how well it converts, it's still profit, but when I was using adsense I was throwing 30 bucks a day and getting 200% ROI, I was going to scale with more adsense accounts, but the market dried up.
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  9. CPMstars

    CPMstars Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    I am wondering something. Why did you send invalid clicks? Maybe you were banned somehow because of this. Also the page is fitness oriented or general? Try to get niche CPA products and promote them on FB through Advertorials or recommended posts. Also, as you have been recommended above, if you have content on your website - you can find good campaigns and get high cpcs from native platforms
  10. bjorno20

    bjorno20 Affiliate affiliate

    Google banned claiming invalid clicks, they don't elaborate, that's just how they work. All clicks came from facebook traffic, which is some of the best traffic.
  11. amar478

    amar478 Affiliate affiliate

    Great detail i agree with you
  12. Mobidea

    Mobidea Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager Service Manager affiliate


    You seem to master the online marketing craft. Good job!

    Now, I understand that it's more a matter of monetizing all this traffic you're getting. I suggest you try exploring CPA and CPI mobile offers. These are campaigns that people can easily convert from their smartphones or tablets.

    CPA offers have higher payouts and are meant for your users to subscribe. Although CPI doesn't pay you as much, it's free for your users, and they convert by installing an app!

    ClickBank and Peerfly may have what you need, but you should also check Maxbounty, Supersonic and Mobvista.