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Conversion Tracking Between Propellerads and Adcombo

Discussion in 'Newbie Helpdesk' started by Syed A1, Jul 8, 2019.

  1. Syed A1

    Syed A1 Affiliate affiliate


    I ran some test campaigns using Propellerads + Bemob + Adcombo. I got some conversions also.

    I have a serious problem of traffic loss from Propellerads till Offer.

    In some campaigns its upto 70%. From Propellerads to Bemob (30%-40%) From bemoob to Adcombo (30%-40%).

    Previously i was using Pre-Landers hosted with Adcombo and also using Bemob campaign url at traffic source, so i thought these might be one of the reason of traffic loss.

    Now in my latest campaign i hosted LP on my server (i am using cloud flare also here, for cache and minifying js. and css). I am not using tracking domain, instead driving traffic directly to Lander hosted at my server so i removed one redirect here.

    Still i have huge traffic loss.

    In Propellerads its 1062 clicks
    In Bemob its 337 clicks.

    Its 68.26% traffic loss.

    Can someone tell me what could be done here to reduce this loss.

    Please note my page size,page load speed, etc are all good.

    Also if i want to remove bemob and track conversions in propellerads what settings should i do.

    I asked about this with propellerads support they mostly refered me to their doc. I believe those support staff don't know how to setup tracking with CPA network (not any tracker). I simply asked them look at following urls and confirm if correct otherwise do correction and provide corrected ones. Don't ask what they replied.

    If any one can confirm following are correct if i want to track conversions in propellerads from adcombo. (i asked same with propellerads support)

    Postback URL to be placed with adcombo




    Offer URL to be placed in Propellerads campaign


    Thank you in advance for reading this and providing valuable suggestions.
  2. Voluum