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[Case Study] UEFA Champions League Final + Push traffic (ROI 87%)

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by PropellerAds, Jul 25, 2019.

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    Dear partners, there is a perfect example of combining Push ads with Event targeting. Check it out and prepare your campaigns for future events!

    Traffic: Push Notifications
    Offer: Heineken Champions League 2019, Weachgroup.com
    Campaign period: April 4, 2019 – April 16, 2019
    GEO: Brazil
    Spent: $485
    Revenue: $905
    Net profit: $420
    ROI: 87%

    UEFA Champions League final is coming soon – Liverpool is meeting Tottenham Hotspur in a full English final – and I just felt like making some bucks out of all the hype and hoopla surrounding the event. There are lots of betting offers, but I chose another vertical with a much wider audience. (Yeah, we know wat you think about the dates. The case study was written in March!)

    The offer and GEO

    Who wouldn’t want to visit a Champions League final? Even if you are not an avid football fan, the opportunity itself looks awesome: before your very eyes, two best teams of the season are battling each other on the pitch.

    According to the offer from Weachgroup, Heineken – an official sponsor of Champions League – promises to give tickets for the final to the lucky ones. You just need to register on the website and buy some beer…

    A very appealing offer, not to mention that the Heineken brand looks absolutely credible. I’ve found that offer pretty interesting.

    It got even better when I discovered that the GEO was Brazil. There are tons of cheap traffic in this LATAM country, and everyone without exception watches football.

    The small payout (pay per registration) – of only 1,7 R$ (or $0.44) – didn’t scare me off. It still seemed like a pretty good deal, considering all the advantages.

    The campaign settings

    Credibility was my priority, so I created a Push campaign (CPC).

    I targeted «mobile, Android». The traffic in Brazil isn’t expensive, so I set the targeting to «User Activity – High». While the campaign was running, I blacklisted some ad zones that were not bringing conversions. More about User Activity targeting

    Landing page

    I didn’t use a pre-lander, because the landing page was catchy enough on its own. By the way, I didn’t waste traffic on redirects.

    The landing page contained the info about the possibility to win tickets for the final match and other prizes.


    The ad creative

    There were a few of them available. The most effective one:

    Title: Verifique a Caixa de Correio /Check your mailbox for new messages
    Description: Assunto: entrega do Bilhete para UEFA / Topic: UEFA ticket delivery



    I’ve found an ad creative with the maximum CTR. Then I created a whitelist and ran another campaign.

    The results

    Before the optimization

    I’ve spent $381, and earned $687, i.e., the net profit was $306, with an ROI of around 80%.

    After the optimization

    The optimization increased ROI up to 109%.

    I made enough money for the Second campaign ($104) and earned $217, and the net profit was $113.

    Stats from PropellerAds


    Stats from Weachgroup.com


    With all numbers rounded off, my net profit was at $420.
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