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Can Fraud really be Curbed?

Discussion in 'General Affiliate Marketing Forum' started by victoria.dr, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. victoria.dr

    victoria.dr Affiliate affiliate

    Recently, I have been faced with the issue of fraud from Affiliates and I kept wondering, why do we still have fraudulent affiliates? So I realized that there are some affiliates are just in for the quick buck and are not patient enough to do things the right way. There are some verticals that are prone to fraud and can get a network or the advertiser into so much debt if preventive measures are not taken.

    Install Offers are very prone to fraud as most times people just get to download these Apps without opening the app or making use of it, even with the KPIs and Retention Rate that most advertisers use to make sure they achieve full results. One reason for this is that most affiliates do not target the right traffic for this install offers resulting to downloads of apps without full utilization.

    This causes the networks in question to lose out and the advertiser loses trust in such network thereby terminating the business relationship.

    From my experience, I have come up with a few ways to curb fraud aside the mechanical tools that are already in place.

    · Networks Needs know how to Vet their affiliates and also try to get the sources used by affiliates in promoting this offers.

    · Advertisers also should ensure they send quality reports to networks promoting their Apps to be sure that the installs gotten are genuine.
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  3. Victorvictories

    Victorvictories Affiliate affiliate

    Some tools can help track false leads, but one needs to be proactive and check for records of current earning also get in touch with managers from different networks asking them about the credibility of the program.
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  4. victoria.dr

    victoria.dr Affiliate affiliate

    You definitely correct on that.