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  1. Jorge Garza

    Offer Wanted Looking for offers to promote on art forum (like deviantart)

    The website is still to be launched, but we want offers to promote on banners only, we are interested on CPA, CPL, PPI. The website will allow NSFW art so hentai programs are ok. We are planning to separate the offer depending on the art type (adult offers will show only on NSFW entries) The...
  2. Clickadu Denis

    Clickadu Smartlink - Traffic wanted

    Hey guys, You surely don't want to miss this opportunity to score! Clickadu team has combined 4 TOP verticals into 4 different SmartLinks and hammer out the best possible conditions for you (SOI up to $5, DOI up to $12, PPS up to $250). All the bundles are tested and approved by our...
  3. Jacko014

    CPI offers for Newbie

    Hi, guys, it's my first post right here and I see great opportunities and Great potential. i have like almost 1.5 years of Affiliate marketing experience, Now i rely on Google Adsense and SEO as a source of income, but it's kinda boooooring you know that, it takes lot of time and energy. But i...
  4. O

    Looking For A CPA/CPI(incent) based ad network with lowest minimum deposit

    Hi, I am looking for CPA/CPI based ad network which can drive installs/leads on my affiliate link, I am to low on budget like 10$ will try my best to have at least 50$
  5. victoria.dr

    Can Fraud really be Curbed?

    Recently, I have been faced with the issue of fraud from Affiliates and I kept wondering, why do we still have fraudulent affiliates? So I realized that there are some affiliates are just in for the quick buck and are not patient enough to do things the right way. There are some verticals that...
  6. ague

    Journey log:[HELP ME] Mobile site for app downloads with leverage of huge email list

    Grettings, I am new to affiliate marketing. I will focus on TWO websites [with different domains, same content, same niche in order to be prepared to deal with IP damage due to email marketing, domain n2 will be the one which will recieve only active email users in order to develop...
  7. Chittaranjan Singh

    Buying Traffic Offers Available

    Connect on skype if you have mobile CPI traffic in APAC. Skype: chittaranjan.singh