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  1. K

    Affiliate networks not paying

    Is it true that some affiliate networks don't pay their affiliate even if their traffic was legit and followed the rules, if it's true pls tell me what should I look for when picking a network and is a reliable source
  2. Deenius

    Do adult traffic networks cheat their clients?

    Hey, everybody. I would like to share with you my experience with buying advertising from adult traffic networks. I have been testing different affiliate offers for the last two months and I'm not satisfied with the results at all. Let me give you an example of one of my campaigns. I was...
  3. Dariel

    Website suspicious

    Have any of you been contacted by this website before?? Somebody contacted me saying she is a domain name broker and she wants to buy my domain name but before I need to an certification through this website What do you think??
  4. Grunger

    I'm worried about fraud

    I am an advertiser and I place offers in various affiliate programs and ad networks. More and more I come across fake registrations. Do affiliate marketers use VPS / VDS? They use virtual computers for new registrations for which I pay money? Why do affiliate programs and their fraud tracking...
  5. hvbeladiya

    Cx3ads Big Scam Alert

    Cx3 Marketing and Digital Agency is a big scam company. I made a huge amount with them for 2 months and they stopped responding to me since after payment time. Website: Cx3 Marketing and Digital Agency CEO: Bryant Valentine Linkedin Profile:
  6. Adam80Johnson

    How do you cope with fraud?

    Hi! Do you have fraud issues? I got a message from my affiliate network manager that there is fraud in my traffic. Have you ever been in similar situation? Which tool is not costly but good at fraud detection?
  7. X

    24Option Affiliate Managers Are Thieves (Cheated $450)

    Hello guys, I'm Xinya from Singapore and I would like to share an experience that I would never forget of. I have some experience in promote products/services via affiliate market, lately I found a forex brokerage called 24option affiliate (247traffic, 24affiliates), which turned out to be 100%...
  8. RealFire Delivered almost 80% False Traffic!!

    Hi Guys, Got an issue with my campaign on megapush. I created a campaign, targeting mobile users from United States. After maybe 2-3 days, I checked the campaign on my tracker. I'm shocked!! most of traffics and leads came from outside US !!!! Crazy!! So, I paid $$$ for false...
  9. hvbeladiya


    We had promoted Jollychic campaign for one month from @Adstract (#Edge226) and they always had good feedback on quality. On following month end they sent rejection because their client trapped them. Quality feedback: 37% install to add to cart ratio. Company...
  10. Make Money With CPA

    CPAlead Stop My Payment | 4 Month Ago CPAlead Stop My Payment He Didn't Sent Me So far

    Hello Everyone and all Respected Affiliatefix Administrators My English is not so good CPAlead did not give me my payment 4th Month ago CPAlead stop my payment and every month CPAlead issue my Payment through the next month Date but not give me and he said we verified your traffic i wait one...
  11. Mobidea

    What is affiliate fraud? All answers here!

    Fraud is probably the most feared activity in the affiliate marketing industry. It's alarming and unethical, and can be a problem in many different fields and industries. One of the challenges to tackle in 2017 for the mobile marketing industry is precisely the fraud subject. Sadly, this...
  12. victoria.dr

    Can Fraud really be Curbed?

    Recently, I have been faced with the issue of fraud from Affiliates and I kept wondering, why do we still have fraudulent affiliates? So I realized that there are some affiliates are just in for the quick buck and are not patient enough to do things the right way. There are some verticals that...
  13. scroogefrog

    Protect your advert

    How do you protect your PPC advert from bots and fraud? And also is this (bots and fraud) a popular problem in Affilate Marketing in your country?
  14. phoenixhaxor

    Adscendmedia- Banned, Accused of fraudulent Traffic AND Exchange rate fraud

    i recently started my CPA business and decided to have a go with adscendmedia they seem quite professional, but they have suspended my account because of "fraud traffic and editing of the exchange rates" which i didn't do. i tried my best to battle the fraud by blacklisting millions of IPs...
  15. hvbeladiya

    Chinese mobile affiliate network is big scam.

    We have done business with Apps Union, they are holding amount for 40 or more days without reports and even not releasing payment. When i asked for I/O term they told me there may exceptions. They are not doing business seriously. BE AWARE FROM APPSUNION!

    WARNING!! Do not Join XY7 Affiliate or elite-calls network.

    Well i had a feeling of not joining XY7 network as i read many bad reviews about them. But still thought to give a try as it is a US based network and i know, if they jack my off, i am going to SUE them big time, as i have already made a lot of savings and kept some money aside. Well till now...