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fraud detection

  1. Grunger

    I'm worried about fraud

    I am an advertiser and I place offers in various affiliate programs and ad networks. More and more I come across fake registrations. Do affiliate marketers use VPS / VDS? They use virtual computers for new registrations for which I pay money? Why do affiliate programs and their fraud tracking...
  2. Adam80Johnson

    How do you cope with fraud?

    Hi! Do you have fraud issues? I got a message from my affiliate network manager that there is fraud in my traffic. Have you ever been in similar situation? Which tool is not costly but good at fraud detection?
  3. victoria.dr

    Can Fraud really be Curbed?

    Recently, I have been faced with the issue of fraud from Affiliates and I kept wondering, why do we still have fraudulent affiliates? So I realized that there are some affiliates are just in for the quick buck and are not patient enough to do things the right way. There are some verticals that...
  4. Alex Munninger

    How do you detect bot traffic from ad networks

    I’ve been in online business for quite a while. Drove traffic from various sources – ppc, social, - you name it. Of course, I’ve also been lured by the lucrative traffic from ad networks. What I’ve been noticing is that almost everywhere you go for traffic these days – you’re bound to get a few...