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Selling Traffic Bids Dropped - Buy Traffic from $0.05 CPM

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by PropellerAds, May 10, 2018.

What ad format will you choose for the next campaign?

  1. Push Notifications

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  2. Popunder

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  1. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate


    Got a shiny new offer to test or want to experiment with new targetings?

    Great! We’ve just cut the minimal CPM bids for Native Push Notifications and Onclick Ads. Now you can buy traffic in our Self-Serve Platform starting from:
    • $0.1 CPM - Push Notifications
    • $0.05 CPM - Onclick (Popunder)
    Our standard CPM rates start from $0.5, so if you decide to run your campaigns today, you can get 5 -10 times more traffic with the same budget :eek:

    TIP! use Banner Images to increase CTR of your Native Push Notifications campaigns.
  2. Voluum