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7search - what's wrong?

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click' started by danvin, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. danvin

    danvin Affiliate affiliate

    I'm looking for some help about my strategy.

    I've started 5 campaign on 7search.
    These are the details:
    Category (for all of them) - email/zip submits. SOI.
    Conversion on the first page (almost all the forms contain 2 fields: name and email. Except 1 offer)
    - Dating (adult)
    - Free Coffee
    - Survey to win Visa Card (in computer niche)
    - Grocery Coupons
    - Free Bingo Games

    All offers are from 1 affiliate network (big one) and some of them are from the "Hot offers" list.
    But all of them have EPC > 0 ($0.02 - $0.11 in average)

    In last 4 days I've got ~1300 unique visitors from 7search. So it's between 70 and 350 visitors on each offer)
    CPC: I didn't bit $0.01. I tried to be in the top 3 (Sometimes it's top 1, sometimes it's top 5)
    Keywords: Broad match. And at first I used main keywords. For example the main keyword, which gave me traffic for "Coffee offer" was "coffee" (+ 20 others)
    In total I spent $70.

    As a result I had only 2 conversions (Bingo and Grocery coupons).

    I stopped campaign. Did some research and some kind of optimization.
    Added negative keywords. Switch broad match to phrase match on some keywords, where I can't use negative keywords list.
    Delete most of the keywords and leaved only high targeted keywords.
    And started my campaigns.

    Till last 12 hours I've got only 12 clicks (10 for one campaign and 2 for second one).
    And if it will go like that - I don't see any options to make the money (at least this way). B/c these offers pays ~ $1.8 per conversion, and with this amount of traffic, even when it will be profitable - very low income.

    So where did I do mistake? Or maybe someone can have a deeper look at this and help me a little bit.
    And what has to be the strategy - going from bringing less traffic to more traffic or opposite?

    I will not stop. I continue to tweak campaigns and refill my 7search balance:) But I'll be very happy for some help or someone's deeper look.

    Thank you very much!
  2. terraleads
  3. romeonoi

    romeonoi Affiliate affiliate

    I have the same issue.... Looking forward for some ideas.
  4. kulwantnagi

    kulwantnagi Affiliate affiliate

    I also started my first campaign in 7Search yesterday. Looking forward to hear expert's replies for better understanding.
  5. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    I've not had luck with 7Search, so I can't be of any real help to you but I have read that volume is a problem with 7Search. Much lower than the 'big boys'.

    Still, some people have done well. Hopefully, they'll chime in here with some advice.

    Just one other thing: have you tried checking this page to see if your verticals are converting well on 7Search?
    7Search.com - Top Paying 500 Keywords

    Edit: forgot to say that I got that link from a guest post on Luke's blog
  6. Johnnie

    Johnnie Affiliate affiliate

    From those keywords it looks like 7Search is becoming primarily a gambling traffic source. I have $150.00 + the free $50 that I should be able to get from the AffiliateFix deal (I hope) siting in 7Search right now. Been trying to figure out something to do with it. I am not into gambling at all.
  7. jarvis

    jarvis Affiliate affiliate

    I wonder why so many people stick with 7Search traffic when even the $25 min. deposit requirement can be used towards Bing ads with much higher quality traffic!

    You can get low-priced clicks on Bing with some good planning and after a bit of learning through trial-n-error, and learning Bing's platform can put you on Yahoo, Bing and their partner sites.

    You'll find several online complaints above Bing's volume.
    You'll find numerous online complaints above 7Search's conversions.

    I'll take less volume over few-to-no conversions any day.
  8. azgold

    azgold Super Moderator Super Mod moderator affiliate

    You can probably find complaints about all of the traffic sources. :) There are people who have figured out how to make each of those sources work for them. I think that matching the traffic source and offer is pretty important, or at least makes our job a lot easier and more profitable.

    I think Bing would definitely be worth a try but that's simply a personal opinion, not something I base on any personal experience. They are one of the top 3 search engines, that's why I say that.

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