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$30 000 on Dating Offers with PropellerAds Push Notifications Spypush Team Case Study

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by spypush.com, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    [Case Study] $30 000 Profit on Dating Offers with PropellerAds Push Notifications

    Affiliate Networks:
    iMonetizit + Clickdealer + Cpamatica + Lospollos
    Offer: Dating smartlink and other offers (Imonetizit) + Clickdealer offers + Cpamatica offers + Lospollos smartlink
    Tracking: Binom
    Spent: ~ $39 000
    Earned: ~ $69 000
    Profit: ~ 30 000$
    GEOs: FR, IT, ES, RO, PT, PL, CZ, SE, BE, NL, TR, HU, ZA, DE, MX, TH, NO, GB, SK, NZ, DK, KR
    ROI: ~ 77%
    Traffic Source: PropellerAds (Push Notification)
    Period: 01.02.2018 - 01.05.2018; 01.09.2018 - 13.12.2018

    Before we begin

    Hey guys, Spypush.com team is here!
    Today we have prepared a detailed case study on how to ace promoting dating offers on push traffic.

    We have never shared in public cases that consistently bring money. But today, as part of the promotion of our spytools service, we are sharing this case study, which still brings xxx $ every day. I hope you enjoy and find valuable advice.

    As a traffic source, we have chosen PropellerAds because they have they own HUGE subscriber base around the globe and very adequate traffic prices. Regarding the affiliate network, we stopped on iMonetizit – it had the highest eCPM during tests. A bit later we have also added Clickdealer, Cpamatica, and Lospollos.

    The scheme was working for 3-4 months and could work even longer, but at some point, PropellerAds had tightened their policy - our creatives were declined, and campaigns were stopped.

    We had no choice but to stop all our activities because using different creatives (more policy-friendly ones) wasn’t as profitable. But, good news, after 4 months PropellerAds decided to return the old policies, and we have relaunched all our campaigns.Let’s see what we were doing step by step.

    Traffic Source

    As you may already know, Push traffic has its peculiarities:
    1. It’s pretty much bot-free
    2. High quality (particularly of “fresh” users)
    3. Low prices (of course, depends on competition on specific GEOs)
    As well, it has some drawbacks:
    1. Subscriber base burns out over time
    2. Very few quality traffic sources, therefore, blown-up prices on certain GEOs

    For affiliates, user base burnout means CTR drop, higher cost per click and lower conversions.To fight user base burnout, there should be a stable stream of new subscribers. And that’s precisely why it’s important to work with big traffic providers that are able to maintain this balance (meaning, having a permanent inflow of new users).

    PropellerAds is one of those big traffic providers, who manage to keep the user base “fresh.” That leads to better traffic quality and larger traffic volumes.

    From the standpoint of a media buyer, subscriber base burnout can also be managed by using various approaches in ad creatives, and testing offers from different advertisers and affiliate networks. By doing so, you slow down the burnout process, prevent CTR and conversion drop.All in all, we have chosen PropellerAds due to the huge subscriber base, comfortable prices, and friendly interface.

    Affiliate network

    Based on our previous tests, we knew that dating works perfectly with Push Notifications.To save time and avoid testing multiple offers manually, we thought it would be a great idea to drive traffic straight to Smart Links.

    As for tests, the highest eCPM among all affiliate networks was on iMonetizit.

    Yet, for certain GEOs, we decided to take the offers from another affiliate network – ClickDealer. Later on, we added Cpamatica, Lospollos and other offers from IMonetizit direct advertisers.


    Pre-landers we found on publicly available sources: we’ve merely checked display banners on a few websites.

    Initially, traffic was going to Smart links, so we asked our account manager from iMonetizit to disable the built-in pre-landers so that the user won’t have to see the same pre-landers 2 times in a row.

    There was no adult content on pre-landers because it wasn't even needed – mainstream dating pre-landers were showing high ROI.

    During tests, we have determined the best converting pre-lander and translated it into majority of the European languages, and afterwards to some Asian languages as well.

    This very pre-lander was used in the majority of campaigns. From time to time we were split testing new ones, but the results didn’t differ much.

    Here's the best pre-lander according to our tests

    For translations, we used the following websites: OneHourTranslation.com and Fiverr.com. If you are looking to save some bucks, Fiverr is the best choice with the min price of $5 per 300-400 words. But keep in mind that very often it takes 1-3 days to get the translations.

    OneHourTranslation.com is significantly more expensive, but on the upside – faster. It’s guaranteed that you will get your translation in less than 24 hours.

    So it's entirely up to you.


    For each Push Notification you'll need:
    1) An icon (192x192)
    2) Title (up to 30 characters)
    3) Description (up to 40 characters)
    4) Banner image (360x240) - optional

    As we were working with mobile traffic only, we skipped the "banner image" part. The vast majority of mobile devices require a user to expand the Push Notification in order to see the Banner image - we didn't notice a significant difference between the regular Push and the one with a banner image.

    And yes, it's one of the dating vertical's specifics - Push Notification should look like a real chat message.

    In total, we have tested around 30-40 creative sets. After that, we selected the best combinations of image + text. Once that was done, we were just changing the icons.

    Let's see the whole process of finding the right concept for creatives.

    For the icon, you should be using an image of a pretty girl, with a face close-up. Don't try using professional models' pics - the opposite, your goal is to find real selfies. Here's an example of Google search keyword: “selfie cute girl with lips.”

    And that's what we get:

    It's preferable that the girls were the same nationality as the country you are targeting.

    In the Title, you should use a girl's name. Again, google the most common female names in GEOs you target.

    In description: a simple message like "Hey! Let's meet?" and so on. Don't forget to use emoji. Obviously, the message should be in the local language.

    You aim to convince the user that the girl contacting him is real - that's the way to get maximum CTR.

    Message examples:

    How to simplify the process?

    If you are not into spending lots of time and money on finding the right creatives' set, translations, searching for converting landing pages, but you'd instead test various schemes (traffic source + affiliate network), well, Spypush.com is at your service.

    Currently, we are the only professional spy tool suitable for push traffic.

    Here you can find ready, translated texts, creatives, analyze your competitors, and make your own ad campaigns even better.

    We have made the search for creatives (for any vertical) super convenient. For instance, in order to find various dating creatives targeting France, you can simply use google-translated keywords.

    Here's an example:

    Search for words "girl beautiful hi" in French (fille magnifique salut), and you 'll get the following results:

    Nevertheless, you should remember that copy-pasting someone's creatives is rarely enough to get positive results.

    Spy service is not a magic money button, but rather an analytics tool that with a proper approach can help you achieve the results you aim for.

    Running campaigns

    First, we were launching ad campaigns targeting EU countries (Tier 1, Tier 2) as affiliate networks were offering high payouts on dating. These campaigns brought decent profit, but afterwards, we decided to scale up and found some really good GEOs for dating.

    We came to the conclusion that even GEOs with lower payouts, less competition, and lower bids can drive good profit.

    PropellerAds still has some GEOs without any significant competition on Dating offers. For example, TR and TH. All you have to do is finding a converting offer and get money [​IMG]

    Here is a full list of countries, where dating offers were working great:

    FR, IT, ES, RO, PT, PL, CZ, SE, BE, NL, TR, HU, ZA, DE, MX, TH, NO, GB, SK, NZ, DK, KR

    France is totally a leader in terms of profit. Belgium is also worth mentioning: we launched some campaigns in French; the conversions and the ROI were high.

    First campaigns we launched were on a CPM basis (mainly because it was the only bidding model available once this ad format was released), but soon after PropellerAds introduced CPC model and we switched.

    Yet, we do recommend launching both CPC and CPM campaigns. High converting creative with impressive CTR, run on CPM can provide you with cheap clicks and high volumes.

    What's interesting, PropellerAds also has User activity targeting.

    Available options:

    This is an extremely useful instrument that can help you get money even with the most burnt-out offers.

    User activity targeting allows buying traffic, depending on how recently the user has subscribed.

    “High” user activity means that the user just or recently has subscribed, he hasn’t seen too many push notifications and hasn’t got fed up with ads. This traffic type can boast high CTR and conversion rate.

    “Low” user activity is exactly the opposite.

    How did we work with this targeting option?

    In the beginning, we were launching campaigns with CPC bidding, targeting “All” users. But when the scheme stops working and changing creatives doesn’t help - we change the targeting to “Medium” (CPC) and “High” (CPM) - this way it’s cheaper to get high-quality clicks.

    As you can see, we are not paying for “Low” traffic, and focus only on recently subscribed users.

    Here is an example of the campaign with “High” activity targeting:

    Here is an example of the campaign with “Medium” activity targeting:

    Here is an example of the campaign with “All” activity targeting:


    Total spend: ~ 39 000$
    Income: ~ 69 000$
    Profit: ~ 30 000$
    ROI: ~ 77%

    Check out some screenshots of top campaigns from PropellerAds’s statistics:

    Total spend in PropellerAds:
    Please ignore the number of conversions in PropellerAds’s stats - we started using S2S tracking a bit too late, so the numbers might not add up.

    Stats from iMonetizit, Clickdealer, Lospollos, Cpamatica:

    Smartlink stats - Acc. #1 Imonetizit

    Offers stats - Acc. #1 Imonetizit

    Smartlink stats - Acc. #2 Imonetizit

    Offers stats - Acc. #2 Imonetizit

    Clickdealer stats

    Lospollos stats

    Cpamatica stats


    Push notifications are a comparatively new traffic source, but launching campaigns would be even easier if you have some experience with native ads or Facebook advertising.The most suitable vertical for Push traffic are Dating, Sweepstakes, Nutra, Gambling.

    Work only with traffic providers, which have their own subscriber base. PropellerAds now has one of the biggest user bases and the most adequate pricing.

    Don’t be lazy - test various GEOs, offers, new approaches, verticals, bidding models and targeting options. Altogether, it can really help get maximum results.
  2. Voluum
  3. Mr.Style

    Mr.Style Affiliate affiliate

    I have 1 word for you - WOW.
    I did similar test for Teir1 only - got trash results, I didnt work with smart links, went direct with dating.com
    We had almost the same creatives , same text and same ecpc / ppc

    Why didnt you try crak revenue as well?
  4. bestdan50

    bestdan50 Affiliate affiliate

  5. PropellerAds

    PropellerAds Traffic Manager Traffic Manager affiliate

    Thank you for your case study, we're happy to provide such converting push traffic!
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  6. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Guys, it's still working! Do not waste time))

  7. RealFire

    RealFire Member affiliate

    How much do you Bid?

    Checked one of your campaign stat above, you bid 0.025 - 0.03 ( FR - CPC )
    From my experience, I couldnt get any traffic with that number

    Are you for real man? Does your creative CTR is super high?
  8. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Yes, our bid is 0.021 - 0.033 for FR All activity target. CTR of our creatives is usually 0.8%-1.5% for all activity target and much higher for high activity target.
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2019
  9. Dawka

    Dawka Affiliate affiliate

    Hi @spypush.top,

    Great case study. Thanks a lot for it!

    Just curious, do you rather exclude bad Zones IDs or create whitelist campaigns with only with top placements?
  10. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Hi, Dawka. We did not exclude zones at all. If you have a fresh offer with a good conversion rate, you can not block zones at all. If you use only top placement, you will increase the ROI, but you will get little traffic.

    The traffic in the propellerads is very high quality. If the EPC is reduced, change the offer.
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  11. Dawka

    Dawka Affiliate affiliate

    Hmmm, nice. Interesting. So probably my offer is not good enough.

    Btw. I was wondering. How often do you change your creatives and how do you know that the new one will work? Or maybe you just have 5 creatives and rotate them every few days?

    Again, very valuable thread. Thanks!
  12. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    We change creatives very rarely, we have several creatives that work great for dating. If we talk about other areas, then at the start we will do a test of different creatives, and then choose the best ones. Only tests on traffic will help you choose the best creative.
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  13. adda_da

    adda_da Affiliate affiliate

    thank you for sharing this! very useful for beginners!
  14. Dawka

    Dawka Affiliate affiliate

    I get it now. Thank @spypush.top! This thread is gold :)
  15. Adonno

    Adonno Affiliate affiliate

    how do you optimize the traffic? like how you exclude/block bad traffic?
  16. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    We barely blocked bad zoneid at all. Propellerads has very good traffic quality. If you have good new offer with great CR then you can don't block zoneid at all also. Stats by zoneid for one of our campaigns:

    Attached Files:

  17. towhidzaman

    towhidzaman Moderator moderator affiliate

    Loved it! Really good insights. Thanks for sharing.

  18. lorenzo

    lorenzo Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for posting this!

    Someone already asked about how do you rotate the creatives, can you tell us more about the creative burnout?

    What frequency caps do you have on creatives?
    Any dayparting?
    If one girl is performing the best do you let this creative run alone or you have more creatives to avoid the burnout?

    I mean if you let it run every day one creative, even at 1 impression/day after few days the same phone user is seeing the same Julia wanting to talk to him... a little odd.
  19. spypush.com

    spypush.com Service Manager Service Manager Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Hi! We always leave one advertisement running for one GEO. We have 1/24 frequency caps. We change creatives very rarely. We constantly rotate offers, but almost do not rotate creatives.
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  20. Dawka

    Dawka Affiliate affiliate

    Hi again guys from @spypush.top!

    I have been trying for a few weeks make dating offers works on Propeller but the best what I can achieve is ROI around 0% for a few days. If you don't mind a have a few questions which I can't figure out.

    • How did you test creatives? There are 3(4) variables: Title with name (with emoji or without), description, icon. What is most important in your opinion? Did you start with 5 different icons and same name & descriptions, or same icons & a few names & descriptions? Or maybe 30-40, every different creatives?

    • Do you still run campaigns with "All activity" settings? Or right now only MQ & HQ?

    • What would you recommend more? Smartlinks or direct offers?

    • How often do you change offers? Everyday, every few days, every month?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
    Anthony. likes this.
  21. wwallace1

    wwallace1 Affiliate affiliate

    Dear Newbies, please do not be fooled by this case study. Let me point out a very obvious detail here. This was ONLY achieved because they used CPM as billing and beacuse they were able to get a CTR of 1% (+- 1%), they were able to get a CPC of around, for example in France for $.02. This is through extensive image split testing which either #1 only affiliates with a large team or a lot of money/time can do or #2 an ad network putting out a BULLSHIT case study is doing .

    Now, anyways a CTR of 1% on push is amazing but guess what..MOST of us are buying on a CPC. Guess how much France is right now? France is .05 CPC right now on Propeller and $.06 on ZeroPark. Now, France is their best performing campaign so let's take their stats on this.

    They got 96500 clicks from France. If we bought on a CPC (like MOST of us would be doing) then we would of paid $4,825 or $5,790 not the $2330 that they got. France earned about $2300. That means WE or normally affiliates trying to make money would of roughly lost $2300 or at a -50% ROI roughly on this campaign.

    I'm not even going to bother breaking down the other numbers.

    Guys, please do not be fooled by these bullshit case studies that all these 'new' ad networks are flooding the net with.

    Ugh, yes I feel like I'm trolling but I just need you guys to know the truth.