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Oron Radai

Hi Marketers,

Beginners and Expert - All should use those 3 Bullet Points :
here are some tips i have put together based on my experience managing campaigns and portfolios on our user-friendly self serve platform Pixellito
  1. Data | Data | Data - if you are advertising new niche / new platform you must aggregate as much data as you can in order to start see conversions.
  2. A/B | A/B | A/B - to be expert in media buying you have be in love with A/B Testing, try and test everything (photo, Background Color, Font, CTA, Headline, Description, Audience, Geo's, Devices, Browsers, OS, Hours Etc.) Notice: You must test one factor each time - once you hit your audience you reached the coolest part = Scaling Up!
  3. Budget - Let me explain it to you by example - Let's say that your buying Pop traffic and you signed up on new platform and now you need to test the traffic and everything - Depositing $100 won't do it and you'll test nothing - you have to put enough budget so you could make Section |1 Data| & |2 A/B|
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