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  1. RichAds

    Official RichAds Pops 2.0 | We are ready to announce a big UPDATE!

    Huge update of RichAds POP traffic! Test this cool traffic source and evaluate new features! 5x higher volumes 8x higher CVR Automated rules & Micro bidding Top performing verticals: VPN, Utility, Crypto, Mainstream Dating, Gambling, Betting, Adult, Smartlinks, Sweepstakes. Pops are easy to...
  2. IcyAds


    IcyAds is an advertising platform for affiliates, ad agencies, media buyers, and ad networks to reach their marketing goals. Combining the best technology and years of experience of our team, we aim to build long-term relationships with our clients and partners. We have huge supply of Push, Pop...
  3. zeropark

    Selling Traffic ❗️ Hottest PUSH & POP & DOMAIN verticals in Zeropark + WHITELISTS ❗️

    Hi guys, Since the Q4 is here and the shopping craze is just about to start, we wanted to share our best performing verticals to give you some ideas for what and where to run :cool: Campaign Category Traffic Source Country Code Avg. Bid Sports Betting POPUP MX(Mexico) $0.0051 Sports Betting...
  4. SuryaJ

    Ready to launch new campaigns? Ezmob - Best Verticals | Min Deposit | New Features

    Hello fellow members, We are always pleased to announce the latest updates in our platform, Ezmob has recently launched its brand NEW self-serve interface, allowing our advertisers a variety of new features we've added based on our user's experience. What's NEW with us - • Variety of...
  5. anandbernard

    Can some one suggest me Pop ads sources.

    Hi, Good day, this is Bernard. I was in need of pop traffic where I wish to promote my webiste, could someone suggest me a perfect traffic seller. Ping me at skype: anand.bernard1 thank you, Anand Bernard
  6. harnur

    Do pop ads, pop under ads still work?

    Which categories shud I focus on? Shud I focus more on mobile than desktop? How many dollars shud I spend for testing one campaign?
  7. P


    So I launched an ad from MaxBounty that was a gift card from Amazon. And I got a rejection from ZeroPark that said "Trademark infringement", that I needed a certificate from Amazon. What's the deal with this and how do I get around this? It was just a gift card and a different site offering the...
  8. harnur

    Need [HELP] with Pop Up - Pop Under Ads

    I am new to pop/pop under ads. I have certain questions to ask. Even if you know answer to even 1 question, please do contribute. 1. How much should i spend on a particular website, before blacklisting it? I had got 1000+ views on my landing page but got 0 conversions, shud i blacklist it? 2...
  9. Fabius_N

    How to Spy POP Campaigns Manually?

    Hey there, Does the question be, How to Spy POP Campaigns Manually? I mean using Google search or other free tools Thank you so much for your attention :)
  10. PopUnderTOTAL

    Selling Traffic New upgrades at PopUnderTotal

    PopUnderTotal is a Premium Pop-under Ad Network. Open RTB/XML integration with Pop traffic We can buy and sell pop traffic using openRTB/XML ⁃ Servers in US (west & east) and Europe (Belgium) ⁃ Up to 1000 QPS / RPS ⁃ Rates in USD Our solutions for advertisers & DSPs We have premium...
  11. charles13

    No Pop Traffic Offer

    So if an offer is no pop traffic allowed, does this mean if I use pop traffic to a lander first, it's g2g? Will the publisher not consider traffic from my lander to their offer pop or are the talking where it originates from? Any help appreciated.
  12. ansyl

    First Campaign

    So it seems finally the time has come, after a lot of reading, videos, thinking, getting scared, trying other things, getting back to it I think I finally found the courage to go for it. The network has good score on affpaying and I've chosen propelleraAds for the traffic (I hope naming...
  13. brutebiz

    BEST Optimization for Pop Traffic Placements (PropellerAds)

    Hi all smart marketers! I'm new here, and this is my first thread! I'm running a campaign on PropellerAds and I'm sorting out all the bad placements with the strategy of blacklisting a Zone ID ones it has spent 1x offer payout (I'm on a tight budget). I have seen some good converting...
  14. EZmob

    Looking For Adult publishers

    Hi everyone , EZmob is looking for new adult publishers , if you got an adult site with good quality traffic we invite you to join us and register a publisher account on Easy Mob | Self-Serve Advertising Platform We offer: *A self-Serve Dashboard *HUGE pop demand *High eCPM and Worldwide...
  15. Anthony.

    11% CTR to Offer & 0 Conversions - Mobile Pop - Any advice appreciated

    Hi guys, I've been running a bot trap campaign (Image Above) and I can now see the real CTR% from human traffic which goes to my lead-gen offer. As you can see, there are 21.34% bots. But the thing which bothers me the most is the fact that I have 0 conversions. Even if I got a conversion now...
  16. Anthony.

    From unstable 4 figure days to being new to paid mobile pop/redirect traffic - Poll about verticals

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum. I've been affiliate marketing for around 9 years+ mainly in SEO and recently in FB. I've managed 4 figure days profit quite recently with FB but as you are aware, it's not stable especially when you hit bans and have to start from square 1. But what's in the past...
  17. Dumedia Network

    DuMedia Ad Network / CPM popup / low prices

    Hello! We are DuMedia Ad Network and we have a lot of WW traffic for adult and mainstream! Min deposit is only 100$, we have usefull platform and personal manager to every advertiser! Bids for remnant traffic starts at 0.1$ CPM.
  18. TheOptimizer

    How to Setup S2S Conversion tracking in PopAds?

    As a good practice when creating an account (or even before) on a new traffic source or any other service, I always like to check their knowledge base articles first. This way I can get more familiar with the interface, functionalities and capabilities of each platform. Lately I noticed on...
  19. tyoussef

    CPA Marketing Tutorial - Lesson 3: Let's optimize our previous campaign

    In the previous lesson, we launched our campaign. Now, let's see the results. I don't think anybody has shown this before in a step-by-step video with real stats. Now let me show you how to optimize your campaign :) :) . Any questions, let me know please...
  20. tyoussef

    CPA Marketing Tutorial - Lesson 2:Create landing page and host it and run your first campaign

    Okay, so far, so good. Now, let's launch our first campaign. Requirements : 1- Landing pages. 2- Tracking software. 3- Account in a CPA network. 4- Account in a traffic Source (Pop Traffic) We are going to cover all of this in the video below, starting with picking up an offer from...