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  1. A

    Access to 50K+ advertisers

    i am a meta network have access to 50K+ advertisers globally, looking for publishers/ media buyers.
  2. BO87

    New on the forum!

    Hi everyone! As you see i'm new on the forum. Happy to join this community. :) I hope learn a lot and contribute my bit on this forum. Actually, working as a Media Buyer, looking for new B2b opportunities, growing in the domain, learning, contributing and having fun. If you need me, just...
  3. harnur

    Which is the Best way to promote DATING Offers?

    for the last 1 month, i have been trying to promote dating offers via push/pop-under ads. I tried 20-30 campaigns. In some cases, i was able to break-even in most cases i got -50/60% loss. I tried to optimize my campaign but got nothing positive. The worst thing about these ad types is that...
  4. TouTrixAnn

    For Hire Affiliate Manager

    I'm currently looking for Affiliate Manager position to any Network. I use to work for two adnetworks, one of it is a bitcoin adnetwork and the other is an adult adnetwork. I can work 8-10 hours a day as I'm very much free. I've started my career since 2015 in this industry and would like to...
  5. Denis Aleksandrov

    Looking to work with media buyers (pay per call offers)

    Hi everyone, We are eQuoto, a marketing agency focused on pay per call offers. Currently looking to buy inbounds directly from media buyers: Tax settlement Medicare Supplement Final Expense Term Life All 120 sec Allowed Traffic Types: Search/SEO, CPC, Display, Social, Native, Email...
  6. Denis Aleksandrov

    We buy inbound calls!

    Hi everyone, We are eQuoto, a marketing agency focused on pay per call offers. Currently looking to buy inbounds for our direct offers: Tax settlement Medicare Supplement Final Expense Term Life All 120 sec Allowed Traffic Types: Search/SEO, CPC, Display, Social, Native, Email Interested...
  7. ODP

    Ask Me Anything Looking for HIGH QUALITY mobile & desktop Publishers

    Hi there, I am a Senior Account Manager at GWM and i would like to make more money like everybody on this forum. I am looking for serious, professional publishers/media buyers with high quality desktop and mobile traffic for our worldwide offers. DM if interested
  8. Brijesh Soni

    Looking Quality Traffic - CPI, CPA, CPL

    Hello Members, We are Looking quality traffic for CPI, CPA and CPL Campaigns. We have direct max 2 hope campaigns. Geos: Tier1 & Tier2 US, UK, IN, JP Payment terms: NET7 - For very high volume or premium NET15- For average NET30- Standard terms If you have quality traffic lets connect...
  9. Brijesh Soni

    We have Quality Traffic for CPI

    Hello Members, We are looking Stable and converting CPI, CPA Campaigns for our quality traffic sources. If you are looking quality traffic for your campaigns, then yes we have. Direct Media buyers, DSP, in-app, banner and much more traffic we have. Payment terms are prepayment as its quality...
  10. alimoonpk

    Ali Moon - Affiliate

    Hi its Ali Moon, Affiliate Marketer. How are you all guys? Hope you all are doing good. I am new here on AffiliateFix and just joined I am involved with Digital Marketing and also running a small digital marketing agency along known as DigiTechIO. Previously I have worked with ECom, Facebook...
  11. nativeadslab

    Hello from Yorkshire

    Hi everyone, I'm a seasoned affiliate media buyer and multilingual copywriter focused on native. I'm also the editor of two marketing newsletters. I joined AffiliateFix to stay up to date and connect with other affiliates. All the best!
  12. affjobs

    Looking for Affiliates of ALL levels!

    Affjobs is now the go-to recruiting platform for the Affiliate Marketing industry. And we need YOU! Yes you. Put your unique Affiliate Marketing skills to the test and work for some of the industry's finest companies. Industry heavy-weights Clickdealer, affiliaXe, Avazu and...
  13. Susan

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for affiliates with Nutra traffic!

    Hi Guys from FMC!;) We are direct advertisors and looking for high-quality nutra traffic majority for Sweden. We have our own direct offers and we offer you really competitive payout! If you are interested leave me a message. Looking forward to hearing from you! Skype: ;)
  14. M

    Hiring Media Buy Team Leader / full time/ Location: Kharkov, Kiev (Ukraine)

    Vacancy/ Media Buy Team Leader / full time/ Location: Kharkov, Kiev (Ukraine) Requirements: Successful experience of managing the Media Buyer’s team from 1 year Experience in Media Buying from 3 years English - Upper-Intermediate Responsibilities: Play a leadership role and guidance to...
  15. Farazdaq

    What is MediaBuyer Traffic and Social Network Traffic?

    Hello, I am here to ask you one question, can you differentiate between What is Social Network Traffic and what is Media Buyer Traffic. I am bit confused between these above traffic sources so please post your valuable suggestions. Thanks
  16. Mahima Shree

    CPI, CPA and CPL network

    Hi Everyone! I am a Media Buyer and I work on CPI, CPA and CPL basis. Looking forward to increase my network for my exclusive offers...:);):ninja:
  17. V

    Hiring Kickass banner designer

    Hi, Just launched campaign on for adult offer on mobile - seeing CTR's in range of 0.1 to 0.015. Looking to break through barrier to get to 0.5 CTR and beyond. Seen these guys here - was not sure if anyone has used them. Banners & Landers – $40 Landing Pages – $10 Banners Any...
  18. L

    How do I calculate my media-buyer's salary+%

    Hi. Our company has hired its first media-buyer and I'm not how the variable part of the salary - the % from net profit should be calculated. What's considered "net profit" - the amount the buyer has brought in after taxes or something else? Thanks for help.
  19. Oron Radai

    3 Key Bullet Points For Successful Campaign

    Hi Marketers, Beginners and Expert - All should use those 3 Bullet Points : here are some tips i have put together based on my experience managing campaigns and portfolios on our user-friendly self serve platform Pixellito Data | Data | Data - if you are advertising new niche / new platform...
  20. Andy Barden

    My Journey from scratch (17.08.16)

    I have been a member for a short while and in the affiliate game for a number of years. My day job is heading up the Clickwork7 Network that until now has done very nicely being a very traditional affiliate network with traditional pubs and a good range of direct finance, survey, mobile and...