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  1. MonRays

    Official Best Arbitration Service

    MonRays is taking part in the CPA Voice 2023 Awards in the category of "Best Arbitration Service." Join us in this nomination process, and vote for MonRays. ❤️Your support is appreciated!
  2. MonRays

    Official MonRays Launches PWA

    We have great news! Now, MonRays offers the ability to create Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), which opens up numerous possibilities to enhance user experience and improve CR performance. What is PWA, and why is it important? Applications for gambling and dating are well known to...
  3. MonRays

    Official New Updates: Improved Functionality And Features!

    Hi, we are happy to announce our latest updates on the platform. We have 4 news: Before, it was necessary to indicate the target in each push, pop, and inpage separately. Now, in order to speed up and make the management process easier, we have moved the targeting option "outside" from each...
  4. MonRays


    Affiliates can enhance their conversion rates and generate higher earnings, up to 20% more than their typical return on investment, by utilizing targeted notifications aimed at segmented groups within their audience. Why MonRays? ✅POP-UP: The pop-up is an effective way to attract the attention...
  5. Zaryab Khattak

    Seeking Help Want to start programmatic media buying! Need Suggestion.

    Ellow Ellow! Hope everyone is enjoying the new year with great reservations success in mind to achieve:) I know it's been quite long since i posted last, but let's just forget about that as i have something to talk about. So as you may get the idea from the post title, i have been thinking...
  6. Zeydoo

    Ask Me Anything Working with TikTok to save money for Aventador

    Tiktok is one of the most popular traffic sources that’s been getting stronger faster than Facebook. How do you not miss your profit? Below we’ll talk about ad formats and traffic ideas for TikTok and what verticals can help you afford a Lamborghini Aventador (yes, we love fancy cars, sue us)...
  7. Zeydoo

    Ask Me Anything Top mistakes: a cheat sheet for publishers to save money

    We encounter many mistakes made by publishers that could have been easily avoided had they known the tricks we’re sharing today. And we’re ready to present your personal cheat sheet to avoid some common mistakes made by both beginners and some even experienced media buyers. P.S. Yes, we know...

    Tutorial Everything you need for media buying: Part 1

    Hi there! We’ve been sharing manuals and guides on everything concerning traffic, traffic sources, funnels, creatives and stuff like that. Which is great and, we believe, quite helpful. But those who only are starting out in media buying must have dozens of questions like “where do I start?”...
  9. Wallester

    Official Wallester cards – a perfect tool for online media buying

    Do you buy advertisements on Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, or other platforms? Wallester offers a perfect solution for your business: instant issuance of virtual cards for online media buying! Wallester allows you to create payment cards for multiple ad campaigns for absolutely free. ✔️ How...

    Ask Me Anything Facebook and mobile subscriptions: talk with media buyers

    As we are monitoring how publishers work with mobile subscriptions in ADLEADPRO, we can’t help but be curious as to how every different source works for them, any special tricks they have to use to get that profit everyone is dreaming of. Internal buying team at Adskill has shown great results...
  11. DableGlobal

    Official What media buying model you prefer for Native-ads?

    Hi, I have seen many are looking for networks based on CPA or CPL for the Native ads :rofl, but I wonder if there is anyone who prefers another models such as CPC or CPM. Let's discuss what you prefer among various types of media buying models and please let me know why! :D

    Ask Me Anything CPI: why all TOP affiliates are working with it

    As we love networking (as so do our dear affiliates) we’ve learned that (1) verticals and brands aspire to become more white-hat and thus (2) affiliate marketers are looking for other interesting verticals with great revenue. While working with gambling is great and brings profit to those...
  13. Ana Tavares

    Are you using UAL to improve ROI in push campaigns?

    Do you know how to use the User Activity Level ❓ The UAL is a tool you should always consider using to get the best results on your push notifications campaigns. Why? Because the UAL allows you to target the "age" of the users, which is strongly related to engagement and therefore has a...
  14. M

    (Traffic Junky) Bids question. NEWBIE

    Hi guys, i am new to (traffic junky). i have a question if someone can help me. is there any way i can have hourly reports of my campains (eCPM, CPC...) ? All i found is daily reports.
  15. Abraham DiGiAff

    Announcement Which media sources is better

    Hello Folks, Hope you are doing well. Could you please suggest, Top quality DSP traffic based on CPC/CPV for IN-APP banner.
  16. harnur

    Which is the Best way to promote DATING Offers?

    for the last 1 month, i have been trying to promote dating offers via push/pop-under ads. I tried 20-30 campaigns. In some cases, i was able to break-even in most cases i got -50/60% loss. I tried to optimize my campaign but got nothing positive. The worst thing about these ad types is that...
  17. Shuzi

    Can't get to profit from Adult offers...

    Hello Everyone! I'm writing this post because really I think I need some help. I saw so many discussions on Adult dating and Adult niche in general so I decided to give it a try. I'm not talking about $200-$500 tests, I'm talking about real money (more than $5000 invested). At first, I went...
  18. ODP

    Ask Me Anything Looking for HIGH QUALITY mobile & desktop Publishers

    Hi there, I am a Senior Account Manager at GWM and i would like to make more money like everybody on this forum. I am looking for serious, professional publishers/media buyers with high quality desktop and mobile traffic for our worldwide offers. DM if interested
  19. M

    Where to get deals for media buying?

    Hello All, I am trying converting pops from long time but not profitable yet. I am planning to run banner traffic now and I have two questions regarding banner traffic 1: Can anyone pls suggest DSP/traffic sources (with decent targeting levers (URLs, Category). I am looking for DSP which are...
  20. BhaveshADAffTech

    How can we get Ad Placement Image from Google AdWords

    Is it possible to get Ad Placement Screenshot while we promote any mobile application campaign on Google AdWords traffic?