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  1. K

    Do This If You're Worried About Bot Clicks Ruining Your Ads

    Are you worried about bot traffic messing with you're ad budget? This is a real problem, especially when you are not a tech-savvy person and cannot use fancy tools to collect data and optimize your ads. What if I told you that you could run ads without worrying about bot traffic messing things...
  2. DableGlobal

    Official A Brief Guide to Using Dable Native Ad

    Hello, this is Dable, a leading global content discovery platform! With this self-serving platform, you can create ad-contents and set the campaigns on our platform, on your own. Moreover, you can expose your ads to over 3,000 premium media in Asian market including Korea, Taiwan, Japan...
  3. Emmawantstolearn

    Is there a Tool Or a Website For Publishing With Multiple Ad Networks?

    Hi everyone, Is there a tool or a website that allows you to publish your creatives on multiple Ad Networks like Taboola, Revcontent, Adclicku, PropellerAds, RichAds, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc, etc? If this kind of tool doesn't exist, then wouldn't it be nice / convenient to create one...
  4. Musa33173

    Seeking expert advice about RichAds

    My budget is very low so I want to ask the experts what is the traffic quality of "RichAds" Is it ok to run a campaign on "RichAds" as new? With their traffic quality, they say that "RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore. We block any bot or other fraudulent traffic." How reasonable...
  5. AdSpyglass

    AdSpyglass Content Corner: Tips and Insights for webmasters

    Hi everyone! :affiliatefix: Welcome to AdSpyglass Content Corner This is an educational thread for website owners and publishers. We're going to talk about: - running websites - website monetization - technical tips and administration - SEO and promotion - tips for webmasters We'll be sharing...
  6. Ana Tavares

    Submit a Case Study & Earn 200$!

    How would you like to make some extra dollars by sharing your success stories with Traffic Nomads? We are looking for the most creative, compelling and original campaigns created on Traffic Nomads. The goal is to collect and share real data and good practices, and to inspire other media...
  7. SrLudwig

    Microsoft Ads, CPA, and More

    I'm getting ready to launch my first CPA campaign. Initially I was going to try one of the ad networks recommended by @williamrs on his webinar; but I received a $100 Microsoft Ads coupon for free, so I'm considering using the coupon to run my campaigns. The problem is that I'm not finding a...
  8. jowel

    Announcement 2021 new update of affiliate programs and Ad networks

    Hi all, We bring you several affiliate programs, Ad networks and payment systems that you can track in Nifty Stats. It's just a small part of what all Nifty Stats supports: Strip Cash API, Braz Partners, Feeliate API, Casino Partners 365, BetPat Partners, Bitcoin Games Affiliates, Whale...
  9. coolspot19

    Ad space for Vapor products needed.

    Hey guys, So im getting ready to launch a new store, this time selling vape products. However the biggest issue with the niche is that facebook and google do not allow advertising on the platform for these products. I will be reaching out to some popular facebook groups about using the group...
  10. Sharon Cm

    Looking for Mobile Sport betting ad networks

    Hi, I have an app on sport betting and I'm looking for ad networks to publish my app and get world wide downloads. What are the best networks you know and work with?
  11. EffectMobi

    Do you know about EffectMobi?

    EffectMobi is a Global Performance Marketing Network providing top quality marketing solutions specialized in Ad network, Facebook, Google Adwords, media buying, etc. Our mission is to serve global companies of all stages by providing comprehensive and delicate marketing solutions to reach...
  12. V

    What really matters for publishers when choosing how and who to monetize their traffic with?

    Hi Guys, We recently launched our self-serve platform that enables publishers to monetize their site's / app's inventory through high quality video ads and were wondering what really matters for you when choosing how and who to monetize your traffic with? It would be great to hear what you think...
  13. kirsl

    Kir from GlobalNetwork

    Hi everyone. My name is Kir and I'm entrepreneur. I was started PHP developer 7 years ago and became entrepreneur. It was PHP, Project management, Sales, Self-business like web-studio with 25 employees and computer club (10 years ago :)). So, last 12 years I'm worked with fix-price jobs only 6...
  14. AdSpyglass

    AdSpyglass - ad networks mediation service for publishers and websites owners

    AdSpyglass automatically chooses the most profitable offers from ad networks and displays ads with the highest CPM on your websites. Also it allows you to simply manage all your ads from one place and maximize revenue from your website in the first month of use. System works with three types of...
  15. Oron Radai

    3 Key Bullet Points For Successful Campaign

    Hi Marketers, Beginners and Expert - All should use those 3 Bullet Points : here are some tips i have put together based on my experience managing campaigns and portfolios on our user-friendly self serve platform Pixellito Data | Data | Data - if you are advertising new niche / new platform...
  16. ASVNiX

    Offer Wanted Searching for direct advertisers and affiliated networks

    Hello everyone I'm new to this forum, so sorry if I make post in wrong place. We are publishers, we own a file storing and sharing service, with a worldwide traffic: We are very strong in: Brazil (Alexa rank #59, SImilarWeb #40, PR 6) / 50M ad impressions per day Thailand (Alexa...
  17. S

    Buying Traffic Can any one let me know the good and relevant ad networks or traffic(non adult) source for India Geo

    Hi All, I want to use paid traffic to our website drive conversion. Can any one tell me different different ad types with ad platforms or traffic sources for india geo?
  18. marketerLevi

    Fresh start - recommended ad agencies?

    Hello all, I'm Levi in the US west coast. I need some advice badly regarding which ad agencies are recommended - more specifically for CPA web-based lead gen or mobile advertising; and I'm talkin' good quality lead-gen, and not any incentivized / forced click scammy sort of network either (I'm...
  19. karthik94

    [Newbie Help] How to find out Ad Networks supporting RON (Run Of Site) campaigns?

    Hie, This is karthik I am newbie and i need a help from you guys. I need a list of ad networks which support RON targeting type. Need to run campaigns targeting Run of network. So kindly point out or give list of RON supporting ad networks. Thank you.