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  1. MacondoForever

    Hola from Macondo Forever

    Hola! Good morning Affiliate Fix! We are Macondo Forever - an online store dedicated to improve the lives of Colombian artisans thru the sale of beautiful, handmade placemats, napkin rings, vases, centerpieces and other handmade Iraca home decor products. We are so excited to be a part of this...
  2. B

    Seeking Help Affiliate Store verses Just monitise Blog

    Hi I am new to the forum, and just want to get feedback on: 1. What folks think about creating an online store with affiliate products versus just monitizing a travel blog. For example, for a destination blog, have a store with travel accessories, destination-relevant books etc. and all...
  3. koka12

    Hi, How can I open a mollie account with LTD campaign to sell in Netherlands?

    Hi, How can I open a mollie account with LTD campaign to sell in Netherlands?
  4. koka12

    Fb Ads

    Hi, I'm still beginner, How can I analyse my fb data campaign? what should I read in metrics? can you help me to analyse that ?
  5. koka12


    I started dropshipping with 800 dollars and after 3 months I lose 755 dollar to get 3 sales, please help me or advise me I feel that I'm a loser, any suggestions or advice to restart with 45dollar (any methods for free traffic....)Crying Face
  6. Honeybadger

    BFCM 2021 Shopify LIVE Map

    Check this out Was very cool last year
  7. U

    Affiliates Wanted Earn with Us

    Hi Everyone I'm Glad to be here and Hope you all are doing well. We Run a online store * Edited by Admin, some content removed *
  8. Jesus Izquierdo

    Looking for a good Affiliate Software?

    Hello, I've seen several posts about Affiliate Software (or Affiliate Manager or Affiliate App as you prefer) and I'd like to resume my recent experience. I'm launching our Affiliate Program at and was looking for an Affiliate Software compatible and easily installable with...
  9. Honeybadger

    Fastest web search in the world?

    This is the fast web search I have ever seen Try a search on this site* How are they making search results that fast? Is it a Shopify or WP plugin? * I have no connection to this site
  10. T

    Looking for help to sell Shopify Theme

    Hi guys & girls, We've recently aired our new Shopify Theme. We've got some cool ideas on how to market the theme, but we would very much like someone with affiliate-know-how to partner up with us. We're able to give 100 USD per sale, which i think might could be interesting for someone who got...
  11. Sylvia Nguyen

    Affiliates Wanted I'm come from Qikify and our Affiliate Program has just been launched. Let's talk

    Hi all, I'm Sylvia of Qikify - a trusted Shopify expert. Recently we've just launched an Affiliate Program, which is opened to offer benefits for potential partners in exchange of marketing activities. Our Program has seven (07) sub-programs which are corresponding to seven Qikify applications...
  12. Sylvia Nguyen

    Hi AffiliateFix

    Hi AffiliateFix, I'm Sylvia, currently Digital Marketer at Qikify - Shopify Expert. Nice to meet you all! We've just launched an affiliate program, so we're welcome everyone who are interested in making passive income to join us! Just comment below if you want to hear more about this program...
  13. benyouni

    I need help

    Hi there I am skilled on extracting data from web. Yesterday I build my own bot to gather expired domain from many marketplace Domain with high Da and Pa my problem is :How to find targeted people who want like this service
  14. T J Tutor

    Adrian Morrison at Shopify Headquarters

    Is ECommerce a choice for you?
  15. azgold

    Shopify Success (No, not mine :))

    This is not my success story, it's Tobi Lutke's, the founder of Shopify. Lutke showed up in the list of The Richest Canadians and How They Made Their Fortunes, on MSN news today. If you want to see his face, age (spoiler - he's 38), what he's worth monetarily...check it out and be inspired. He...
  16. K

    The 6 Best Shopify Apps to Increase Sales in 2019

    SMAR7 Bundle Upsell Wheelio Hurrify Dropified Hopify Loox
  17. B

    High number of excluded (not indexed) pages in Google Search Console

    Hi. Today I checked GSC after a while and I noticed a very high number of excluded pages. Not only that, the number of valid pages was more or less constant, but then suddenly the number dropped significantly and the number of excluded pages rose significantly. Please see the GSC report here...
  18. williamrose

    Easy Way To Make $100K As Beginner

    There are thousands of tutorials around the web telling you how to make some easy internet money. Most of them direct you to marketing. Affiliate marketing, dropshipping, ad buying, SEO, whatever. Let me tell you, that shit is HARD. Getting a positive return on investment in affiliate marketing...
  19. abdelhadi1234

    How to Start Earning From Dropshipping

    So how do you get products… where do you find them… how do you know if they’ll sell… how do you get them to customers? In the vast world of internet entrepreneurship, there are many answers to all of those questions. You could create your own products — but that can be a long and time-consuming...
  20. R

    Looking for publishers for my affiliate program in Clothing niche

    Hello, I have store. I sell Exclusive design clothing (t-shirts and hoodies and canvas). You can check website. Based on Shopify