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  1. Zeydoo

    Official Gear-Up: get the 7% of your profit increase for increasing traffic volume

    Zeydoo is starting the new season with this Promo to help you boost your profit. No special effort needed, just increase your traffic volume and get the 7% of the profit increase! In this post we’ll explain all the rules that we’ll use to calculate your profit and bonus. The Promo will be live...
  2. Zeydoo

    Official Zeydoo: get +7% to your payout with our newest deal in 2023

    Waves of profit: +7% to payout for everyone who increases volume We start the new year with adding new perks for you to skyrocket your profit. Nothing extraordinary needed, just grow your volume and take +7% to increase your payout. In this post we’ll explain all the rules that we’ll use to...
  3. Zeydoo

    Ask Me Anything Top mistakes: a cheat sheet for publishers to save money

    We encounter many mistakes made by publishers that could have been easily avoided had they known the tricks we’re sharing today. And we’re ready to present your personal cheat sheet to avoid some common mistakes made by both beginners and some even experienced media buyers. P.S. Yes, we know...
  4. Zeydoo

    Case Study How a media buyer can get maximum profit with upcoming holidays on Sweepstakes

    The end of fall and up till mid January is the time when people are eager to spend money on themselves and their loved ones. And businesses are more than happy to give them this opportunity with big bonuses and different gifts. Which makes this time perfect for both advertisers and publishers...
  5. Laimonas

    Ready to Optimize your Native Campaigns? Here's a FREE & quick guide.

    Hi fellow Native Advertiser! I was sitting in my home office, since we are not allowed to go places (Covid-19) and thought: "Yes, our life has changed a lot over the last year, and yes it does get frustrating, but can we change it? For us marketing professionals it is crucial to learn how to...
  6. Anastasia AdCombo


    Hello everyone! We are a young team which has just stepped into the field of affiliate marketing – RPT. Today we want to present our short case to you. We have been driving traffic to AdCombo’s adult offers for different GEOs. There will be no overwhelming numbers, but we will try to describe...
  7. Rene Hingle


    Hi. My name is Rene and I live in South Africa. I am new to affiliate marketing and would like to make it a huge success as soon as possible.
  8. René Wagner

    How high is your profit for this month? (Until now)

    Hi Guys, how high is your profit until now? Would be very interesting! :D
  9. René Wagner

    I think there no way to win in CPA

    I do not want to make anyone sad, but is it possible that only the big fishs in the game make money? Just For example, the people who promote adplexity or the founders of AdPlexity itsefls. Just imagine that this entire industry was just invented so we spend money on their tools. I have heard...
  10. René Wagner

    Tracking with adsbridge

    Im a complete newbie in this branche and i really dont understand anything in Tracking etc. is there an guide to check wtf is goin on? Im using Adsbridge and promoting offers from maxbounty and i really want to start now but i cant because i dont understand how this f*cking tracking thing is...
  11. René Wagner

    First campaign kills

    Hey Guys, I want to start to promote my first offer from maxbounty on outbrain or taboola. Its an biz ops offer and the csmpaign links to a landingpage. Is there anything i should be aware of, like using the right link, shorten the link etc? Is there an step by step guide to run the first...
  12. jamesrajend

    Who OWNS Facebooks PPC?

    Hi Everyone, have you mastered facebook PPC ads? If so, which online facebook ppc training course would you recommend me so that would allow me to promote CPA offers? Thanks in advance!
  13. V

    Looking for an advice of publishers

    Hi, I am interested to advertise my Brand goods throw affiliate marketing. We produce high quality leather bags. Brand name - Time Resistance established in 2015. And in first year we make profit just with regular ecommerce sales but I would be much happier to get attention of more sales...
  14. Millio

    Back-Button Monetisation (:

    Yo what's up Matulo, I'm Millio and I want to ask you what's some of the best ways to Remonetize our back button traffic to where we can become insanely profitable, I hope this is something you're willing to speak on bekuz I know Me and other upcoming Affiliate would LOVE to become 3x times as...
  15. Barton_101

    Looking For New Publishers!

    Hello, community :) Hope you, who read this words you in the good mood, and ready to make BIG money! Monetizus is ready to convert your Desktop Traffic. The unique proposal at the market based on JS methods. - Best RPU - RevShare 70/30 - All Geos - English /Russian support - Wishes to have a...
  16. Adi sasmito


    Am from indonesia, look for friend and share business online,
  17. Z

    Partnership BIG profit margins and repeat customers. My site + your traffic/SEO = $

    Hello all, I'm pretty new here so forgive me if this is the wrong section to post in. I'm looking to partner with a skilled marketer that can drive traffic to my site. This is a very profitable niche with very big profit margins and repeat customers. Because of many barriers to entry there are...
  18. Barton_101

    Official Monetizus

    Barton_101 submitted a new resource: Monetizus - Universal Monetization Platform Read more about this resource...
  19. alrey91

    How to Lower the Cost of CPC on Bing Ads

    Hello, I have a Bing PPC campaign running to a pre-sell landing page which then directs them to the Clickbank offer. So far, I am getting sales but I am breaking even or slightly on the negative side. I have very good CTR's, the campaign has a 4.36% CTR. My question is how do I lower the...
  20. Chris Porter

    2 Day Earnings for Monday & Tuesday this week!

    Hey guys, I wanted to share this with everyone to help motivate those who are new to affiliate marketing! After 5 long years of dead ends & just making a few $$$ to get by I have finally been able to produce a steady income!! For all you new affiliate marketers do not give up if you do not...