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  1. shahrearmehfuz1985

    Apartment and room rent Call offer need

    I can get huge traffic for Apartment and room rent. I am searching Pay Per call offer USA country traffic only. If have kindly comment and where can get? Thanks
  2. John Stuart


    Hey Affiliates! OFFERGLOBE IS BUYING HIGH-VOLUME INBOUND CALLS & LIVE TRANSFERS ON: MCA Inbounds Hotel/ Flight Booking Legal/ Mass Tort ACA Inbounds & Transfers Ping me on Skype - live:.cid.5c0384a5ce1fd8b7 Or Email –
  3. Clickwinks

    Travel Calls - US

    Hi all, I have lot of delta airlines calls which i would like to sell to a call center who can accept 100+ calls per day. kindly share where can i procure the same.
  4. MarketCall

    Official Free affiliate education course on Facebook Marketplace ads.

    Hey affiliates! Marketcall has launched educational program for newbie affiliates. Our Learn & Earn Program provides video guides and personal support from our managers to help you make first steps in Pay Per Call affiliate marketing. All participants will get access to Marketcall dashboard...
  5. IndeXer

    Starting PayPerCall Campaign

    Hi, I got accepted in @MarketCall and starting my first paypercall campaign, as this is my first ever paypercall campaign I need few pointers and tips. So far I see that Marketcall doesn't provide landing pages so its a bit expensive to get the landing pages. What I understood so far is, you...
  6. Ishola Ayodeji

    Creative needed

    Hi guys, Can I borrow Creative from any professional affiliate marketers here? I need it to get my paypercall offers accepted. Thanks
  7. Ishola Ayodeji

    Hi guys

    Guys please help me out, I was trying activate an offer on marketcall and my offer was always refused.. Saying I need to provide my ads materials that I was going to used to promote the offer... Since I'm new to pay per call advertising I don't have any ads materials yet.. Can someone help me out?
  8. enjoyinglife

    Review Leading Networks like 'MarketCall' & newbie Affiliates, are they friendly ?

    I believe NOOOO, as far as how last one week passed. I tried to request most of them one by one or even tried Signed up for 'Marketcall' 3 days ago, a manager was assigned to me (or just their automated system assigned me one). I was excited enough to msg her on skype...
  9. zafseo

    SurgeCalls Pay per Call network Reviews?

    Does Any body know about surgecall? This is a ppcall network. But i have a confusion. i can't find a singal review on any forums or directories. So if any body working with them please tell me is it safe network??
  10. MarketCall

    Review Detailed tutorial: $5k with PPcall in Google Ads

    Hi there! ;) We are glad to share our case "How to launch Google call only". The ability to run an advertising campaign in Google with the purpose of "Calls" gives us exclusively mobile placement only; after clicking on the phone number or call button, the OS interface of the mobile device...
  11. Loyalty Kevin

    Tech Support conversion tracking

    I ran into a serious problem and I do not know how to solve it. How to track conversion calls for technical calls with certain pabID? Let's say my number in the Landing + 1815xxxxxxxx, how do I know from which {zonaid} I received the call. This is a very serious problem and I generally do not...
  12. C

    Facebook Targeting For Pay Per Call - Advice Needed

    My client wants to me to run facebook call ads for his local home service business, not on adwords cause of low budget. I tried to run facebook call ads..both website clicks and reach ads..but not a single call.. How can i effectively target people interested in home services.. Thank you
  13. Suvo Ahamed

    Offer Wanted looking for Locksmith pay per call offer

    Hello , anyone have Locksmith Call Offer . We Give you Daily 50+ paid Call looking for Locksmith pay per call offer Skype: deejaysuvo
  14. T

    aragon advertising refer id needed

    can anyone help me to approve my account to aragon advertising or any pay per call site?
  15. Md ikbal khan

    Pay Per Call

    Looking for a good pay per call offer. i little new to pay per call but working as a affiliate marketer from more than 7 years. now wanna work with pay per call and direct adult cpa offers.
  16. M

    Best Traffic Sources for Generating Pay Per Call Leads

    Dear Members, I'm running pay per call offers last 2 years from same traffic sources like Google, Bing and display networks. It's very difficult to get cheap clicks from Google Search for many verticals. Anyone using different platform for generate more call volume other than Google and Bing...
  17. S

    √ Pay-Per-Call √ AdWords √ BingAds √ Networks √ Facebook √ Organic Search

    Greetings! I'm Sanjay from Delhi. Running Pay-Per-Call campaigns for verticals including technical support. Serious discussions around digital marketing, pay-per-call will be considered. Professional of interests: √ Google AdWords √ Microsoft BingAds √ Organic Search √ Video / YouTube √ Social...
  18. Sandeep Narula

    Affiliates Wanted Great Payouts Offered - Tech Support Calls

    If you are a Network or Affiliate, lucrative payouts offered to all Tech Support Publishers. Its best if you have your own tracking platform, even if you don't we'll use ours. We are always interested in scaling more, hence prepayment is not an issue. Hit me up Skype:- sandeepnarula.sandeep
  19. A


    Hi team I am Aman Singh and i am a Vice president marketting at Gentech LLC US , we have a technical Support company in india , i am looking for Pay per call solution for my Center with a minimum requirement of 200 Calls a day , we have a monthly spent of $ 100,000 , whereas we look forward...