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  1. MasterOfHearts

    Keyword Token In Trackers

    What's the use for this Token? How to use it? I always thought keywords were an integral part of SEO but I never happened to pay a lot of attention to it earlier but now that my first Paid Ads campaign was a mess I'm beginning to wonder if I should have!
  2. Honeybadger

    Using Wordpress? Activate Google Site Kit

    Google Site Kit is the best plug-in I've used for integrating Google Analytics with your Wordpress site, and displaying this data in your WP dashboard, it gives you fast actionable insights about how to improve your site (these changes are very new) Site Kit displays this data in WP dashboard...
  3. D

    SEO: Yoast doesn't recognize the key phrase

    Hey guys! I wrote a blog post in Wordpress but Yoast keeps telling me the SEO is poor - low keywords density, key phrase missing in title/meta description, although it's there. Who knows how to fix it? It doesn't happen to other posts..
  4. R

    Keyword Targeting On Outbrain

    Hey guys, Has anyone done contextual keyword targeting on Outbrain and would you recommend doing this or do you think better to just start blacklisting broad and optimize from there? Thank you!
  5. Indus Abstract

    Keyword is Not in SERP

    Hello Friends, One of my website keyword is not in SERP. 1 month back it was in 1st position but now it was not in SERP. And other keywords are in same positions, last cached was jan 25th. If I search that URL in google means it is available, only the keyword position is not there. So can you...
  6. thehustler

    Regarding the Bing Ads Intelligence KW tool

    Hey, I downloaded the tool and then when I tried to install it asked me to allow permission for it to send my personal information to MS? I wonder why MS a tech giant need my personal info? They have a ppc service. I am paying for it. That's it. What does my personal info do here? I wanted to...
  7. thehustler

    About Related KWs and Bid

    Hey, so I searched my niche KW in bing search engine and got some related KWs that is very much related and I gathered some of those. Then I went into the Bing KW planner and selected "get search volume" option and I put those related KWs there and the result showed ZERO for all those KWs and...
  8. thehustler

    Regarding Keyword Research

    Hey got four queries on this: 1) If I'm about to start a Bing PPC campaign, do I take any kw suggestion from google's kw planner? 2) How many keywords should I upload for action for a PPC campaign? Saw somewhere online people saying to go for max 20-30 keywords and are saying NOT to overdo...
  9. Alangile

    How to determine the number of keywords on the site?

    How to determine the number of keywords on the site?
  10. chriscxmpo

    Question about Keywords, Domain and Websites

    Hi guys, Just a newbie question. I am currently looking for a good keyword that I could start with SEO. But I have a lot of parked questions in mind. I hope you could help me with this. 1. Keywords - I use Jaaxy looking for my keyword (trial version). Do you recommend any good keyword tool...
  11. Matt12

    Facebook Ad Targeting for BizOpp offers

    I've been working to master Facebook ads, but I have been struggling to find effective keywords that drive good traffic to Bizopp offers. I have tested many different key words with a variety of demographics and have only gotten satisfactory results, even when scaled up to 250$ daily. I'm...
  12. William Fugere

    Getting into it

    Hi, apparently I'm supposed to post something about myself, so. Well I'm a highschool student, and I'm new to affiliate marketing, and am trying to start up. I have seen a lot of LazyAssStoner stuff, and it seems really good. I hope he will come back after being gone so long. Also, he used...
  13. Shafi Khan

    13 SEO Factors Proven to Work in 2016 [SEO Updated]

    Hi AffiliateFixers, SEO is a not a constant technique, and it keeps changing over time. What you learned in 2015 may not work now, and you need to upgrade your methods. Here is a list of 13 SEO Factors that are proven to work in 2016. 1. Backlinks are still a high SEO ranking factor. 2. CTR...
  14. schleprock

    USA traffic (non KW) to zip submits?

    I am thinking about applying to DNTX for USA traffic to send to a credit repair offer (but it could be any zip submit offer). I looked at the DNTX traffic estimator and it shows extremely limited KW traffic for KWs in the credit repair (or whatever) category. Do people normally use KW traffic...