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email deliverability

  1. Brenda R.

    how to do effective email marketing?

    We've all received an email that we quickly deleted, tagged as spam, or disregarded entirely. If this is happening with your emails, you must figure it out. Perhaps you're not efficiently capturing your audience's attention. So here I mentioned some key points that help you to enhance your...
  2. kaushik1996

    How can I get the best email validity checker?

    Nice question! But before this, one question arrives in mind is: How will you consider the best email validators? Well, It may be based on accuracy, speed, and affordable price. Right!? Okay. So, how will you find them? Well, As per my research, almost all email validators provide free email...
  3. M

    Email Marketing

    Hello, i have a 50k emails list (opt-in) and planing to send for it CPA affiliate offers and generate little revenue from it. What is the best way to do it? What is the best platform/software with good delivery to use? Your recommendations. P.S: i don't want to pay big budget. Thank you.
  4. Drake Marketing

    Email black list

    Hi, I wanted some info on email black list and which ones are most popularly used. Thanks in advance!
  5. Albertomax1

    Email Personalization ( new advancements )

    Very informative article on the new advancements in email personalization,'s worth the time! Email Personalization Advancements .. ..
  6. PatrickAWeber

    Announcement AWeber offers unlimited sending and direct support

    Hi All. I welcome all questions as it pertains to industry best practices in the affiliate marketing and email space. I work with many performance marketers and affiliates that are sending to opt-in data, and happy to assist with any questions as it pertains to your business. Please reach out...
  7. Somesh Likhyani

    Is it Necessary to Redirect the Sub-domains created for Sending Email to Parent Website URL

    I have an e-commerce suppose and just like any other e-commerce we send 2 types of email campaigns. Transcation Emails Promotional-Broadcast Emails Now, to maintain quality score for the domain, we are sending transactional emails via. But, for the promotional mail...
  8. Abhi Shah

    Announcement Send Unlimited Cold Emails to Grow your Affiliate Business at Just $20/Month

    If you are looking for the best email service for your affiliate email marketing campaign, then let me recommend you SwipeMail. They are the lowest cost provider, they provide fast and reliable email delivery, and they offer all the email marketing tools at a fraction of a cost! With...
  9. simonbrep

    Selling Traffic STOP Wasting your money buying old or unknown databases!

    NEW! Daily Updated Data FEED and Get access to the LATEST LEADS Everyday! Get the Freshest, Most Responsive & Most Complete Databases! File is generated daily where you can download or request to be integrated via API to any AffexPro's SMTP or SMS platforms. ALL-IN-ONE Email Marketing...
  10. simonbrep

    3 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Email Marketing Strategy

    With so many layers to email marketing the act of starting out on your email marketing journey can seem pretty daunting at first sight. Developing a good email marketing strategy takes a lot of experience, a lot of mistakes, a lot of successes. If you haven’t yet reached guru status or if you...
  11. Abhi Shah

    Announcement Send Unlimited Cold Emails

    Check this out - An AI driven Bulk Email Marketing Service | SwipeMail SwipeMail ( is fastest growing ESP of the globe with Industry leading delivery rate. Cheapest - Price is almost 75% less than other global ESP’s like MailChimp, Aweber, ConstantContact etc. Fastest - Using...
  12. TheGuy007

    Email Deliverability Expert, Data Scientist at SwipeMail

    Hello Guys, Just joined the community. Here's a short intro about myself: I am Willson, Email Deliverability Expert at SwipeMail. Constantly working on bringing new innovations to create disruptions in the email industry :) In last couple of years we have achieved a big milestone by building...
  13. Abhi Shah

    Looking For Bulk Email Marketing?

    I would suggest you to explore An AI driven Bulk Email Marketing Service. One of the best ESP with some of the features/benifis as below : World's best servers delivers 99% of your emails. Fully loaded with advanced features Reliable SMTP Real-time measurable analytics Highly optimized inbox...
  14. F

    Hello Email Marketers!

    Hi everyone, we are a group of email marketing deliverability and Amazon AWS infrastructure experts that have launched a product to enable enterprise-level email marketing features for whoever uses or wishes to uses Amazon Simple Email Service - SES. You connect in seconds your AWS account to...
  15. Timothy01

    I have an email list of 200k + Please Help!

    I'm a NewBie. I have an email list of 200,000 + good quality email addresses. How do I start with just my emails and no website or blog? Do I need to use an all-in-one site, like aWeber or is there software that I can use? I have zero experience in affiliate marketing, I just have a large list...
  16. John_Vianny

    Check your Email Deliverability and Spammyness of your newsletter for free.

    We all want to achieve the best results in ourEmail Marketing. Therefore we write using tactics to make attractive emails etc... BUT are more often we arent sure the emails we make reach our prospects. Expecially when we shift to another autoresponder, we are wondering if they reach the...
  17. T

    Hi, New Member Introduction

    After 12 years in the field with email marketing, we have developed our own service for validating emails. As many of you properly already know some of the providers of these services is very costly. Even tho the actually price for such services is not expensive, they have to charge that much...
  18. S

    Improve email deliverability

    I am an email marketer and one of the biggest challenge I face is that my emails land in the promotions tab of the gmail which is impacting my open and click through rates. Where I am most concerned is that I get unsolicited emails to my personal id in the primary tab while when I send emails...
  19. John_Vianny

    Email Delivery OR Deliverability?

    Are you aware that for each 5 emails marketing experts send, among them never ever gets to the inbox? In many cases, the email goes missing out on, while in various other situations, it winds up in the spam folder. These problems belong to email delivery and also deliverability. The terms may...
  20. Fapohunda Olufemi John

    Partnership Your Email sending platform + Myself & My partner Offers & email list = $$$

    This Joint Venture is basically to an individual that as capacity(platform) to send bulk emails. I'm an email marketer myself but I really do not have time to set things up. So presently, you will work with one other person who is saddled with the responsibility of providing email list, while I...