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Is it Necessary to Redirect the Sub-domains created for Sending Email to Parent Website URL

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by Somesh Likhyani, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. Somesh Likhyani

    Somesh Likhyani Affiliate affiliate

    I have an e-commerce suppose Example.com and just like any other e-commerce we send 2 types of email campaigns.

    1. Transcation Emails
    2. Promotional-Broadcast Emails
    Now, to maintain quality score for the domain, we are sending transactional emails via.


    But, for the promotional mail, we are using Example.net

    Now, after reading a lot about email marketing, I found that you have to:

    1. Redirect the second domain to the first 1 To optimize the domain authorities in Gmail's Eyes for good domain value.
    2. You have to create an envelope domain so, that you can collect your bounce, spam and another kind of emails into it. Now, Again If we create a sub domain do we have to redirect that subdomain to the parent domain as well.
    3. Create a Live Mailbox.
    Now, the question is do I've to redirect.

    Eample.net &
    envelope.example.net to

    And What if the Example.com is on https do I've to buy the https certificate for the .net version as well.
  2. Voluum