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  1. Stephen ThriveTracker

    Those Clicks Don't Work For This Campaign

    Hey there all! What's the percentage of traffic you buy that you turn away from your campaigns? 1%, 5%, 10%... more? You've turned that traffic away for any number of reasons, all of which are likely valid. Some offers have very tough regulations on them and require you to set a lot of rules...
  2. thehustler

    Worried to promote these CPA offers

    Hey, I tested the links of these offers in to see how many times would it be redirected and I think there are too many middlemen on these offers? Surprisingly as per the network, the CTRs are good on those offers. Affilitest screenshot of CPA Offer 1 -...
  3. Somesh Likhyani

    Is it Necessary to Redirect the Sub-domains created for Sending Email to Parent Website URL

    I have an e-commerce suppose and just like any other e-commerce we send 2 types of email campaigns. Transcation Emails Promotional-Broadcast Emails Now, to maintain quality score for the domain, we are sending transactional emails via. But, for the promotional mail...
  4. K

    How can i redirect abc & abc/index.html to

    Hi i want to redirect the my domain urls reputationsolutions4u[dot] & reputationsolutions4u[dot]/index.html to I have tried adding commaind in .htaccess file but unable to do so. If this persists search engines will consider all these urls as different ones ...