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  1. Mabegu5000

    Please I Need Help with the Custom Domain Configuration of Bemob and Namecheap

    hello how are you I have a problem with the domain or configuration What happens is that I have the main domain in another hosting and there I have a wordpress. but I need to create a subdomain to add it to a tracking system (Bemob) but when I configure the subdomain to tracking it is the...
  2. Ralph Miller

    Sub-domain Ranking

    How can I rank a subdomain for a keyword while another subdomain with the same main domain is already ranked for the same keyword? Is it possible?
  3. Somesh Likhyani

    Is it Necessary to Redirect the Sub-domains created for Sending Email to Parent Website URL

    I have an e-commerce suppose and just like any other e-commerce we send 2 types of email campaigns. Transcation Emails Promotional-Broadcast Emails Now, to maintain quality score for the domain, we are sending transactional emails via. But, for the promotional mail...
  4. ajax

    How to add Subdomains?

    How to add Subdomains? A subdomain is, technically speaking, a DNS record for a hostname that belongs to your domain. In other words, to add a subdomain you simply need to use our DNS record editor and create the DNS record corresponding to the subdomain. For example, you can create a...