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Selling Traffic STOP Wasting your money buying old or unknown databases!

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by simonbrep, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. simonbrep

    simonbrep Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    NEW! Daily Updated Data FEED and Get access
    to the LATEST LEADS Everyday!

    Get the Freshest, Most Responsive & Most Complete Databases!

    File is generated daily where you can download or request to be integrated via API
    to any AffexPro's SMTP or SMS platforms.


    ALL-IN-ONE Email Marketing Solution from AffexPro


    GET aprox. 50,000* Daily Fresh Leads, Segmented by more than 20 Different Languages / Regions for Only $749/mo

    BONUS#1: Get a 6IP SMTP Dedicated Email Server FREE! (To send your email campaigns to the new leads)

    PLUS: Get The Segmented Data Loaded DAILY straight into your SMTP Server for FREE!

    ABOUT THE DATA SOURCE: We work closely with online credit cards processors & online retailers to compile daily over 50K transactions which include all contact details, address, city, phone, email, etc...

    ABOUT THE SEGMENTS: Our Data engine sorts the incoming leads into file per country/region or language such as: DE, FR, IT, LATAM, PT, EN-noUSA, EN-USAonly, NO, SE, FI, DK, RU, CH, JP, NL, AR, INDIA, UK-only, PL, BG, RO, TK, GK & HE.

    ABOUT THE CONTACTS: All contacts have the following: 100% usable data, Verified Emails, Have credit cards and made an online purchase between $10 to $500 a day before.

    HOW TO USE THIS DATA: If you are an affiliate marketeer looking to run your promotions in several verticals, simply send your campaigns to the Daily Loaded Data using your FREE SMTP, Then for those whom open/click in your promotions, schedule additional campaigns so in very little time you will get a highly valuable and responsive Data!

    ABOUT THE SMTP SERVER: Properly configured SMTP Server with IP Rotator, IP Warmer, RDNS, DKIM, SPF, DMARC, Unlisted Domain, Unlisted IPs capable to send over 100K emails per day after warmed up IPs through UNLIMITED CAMPAIGNS, UNLIMITED LISTS, UNLIMITED Bounces.

    SMTP Server Allows to import your own data too!

    NO CONTRACTS, Cancel any time!

    FREE IP Replacement on Renewals!

    Anyone can sell you an SMTP Server but only AffexPro will include a Daily Data load of Fresh leads segmented by languages/countries 24/7 Technical and Marketing Support via Skype, Email, Live chat or Ticket.


    The Perfect Tool specially designed to drive traffic to your sites and affiliate links
    Email marketing allows you to REtarget those that show some interest in your offer for FREE!
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    Forex segmentation/qualification by any chance?