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  1. MikeyNG

    Selling Aweber Yearly Subscription

    I’m selling my Aweber account with yearly subscription for half the price. pm if you’re interested
  2. kaushik1996

    How can I get the best email validity checker?

    Nice question! But before this, one question arrives in mind is: How will you consider the best email validators? Well, It may be based on accuracy, speed, and affordable price. Right!? Okay. So, how will you find them? Well, As per my research, almost all email validators provide free email...
  3. Alex Dempsey

    All You Should Know to Get Started With Email Marketing

    If you’re considering to step a foot into the world of email marketing, you should fully understand it from the basics. Fortunately, email marketing is quite straightforward. The upfront purpose of it is to connect customers, potential or existing, via email. Maybe you want to connect with...
  4. Shourove saha

    Looking email Data

    Hello I am looking aged email data. Can anyone help me or told me when I can get good quality data. Thanks.
  5. M

    Email Marketing

    Hello, i have a 50k emails list (opt-in) and planing to send for it CPA affiliate offers and generate little revenue from it. What is the best way to do it? What is the best platform/software with good delivery to use? Your recommendations. P.S: i don't want to pay big budget. Thank you.
  6. Albertomax1

    Seeking bulk email data

    Hello friends, I am looking for help finding quality bulk email data. Also looking for revenue share opportunities. Looking for USA and International bulk email data. Anyone know contacts with good data...? Also looking to connect with other email marketers. Thanks in advance...
  7. PatrickAWeber

    AWeber has direct support and some new automations...

    Hi All, I have worked to build a team around affiliates and performance marketers in the space that value ESP relationships. It's important you have landing pages and sites that speak directly to offers the user will receive. If you have decent volume and opt-in data shoot me a note and we...
  8. simonbrep

    Selling Leads Premium Consumer Email Data - 25k Leads Daily

    B2C - Daily Data Feed sorted by Top Commercial Languages. Commercial Languages Feed will group leads from certain placed that share same languages like all latin countries and spain when selected Spanish... Feeds Available: 1 - Mandarin (entire branch), 2 - Spanish, 3 - English, 4 - Hindi[a], 5...
  9. simonbrep

    Selling Leads 30-50k Premium Data Feeds

    500,000 Leads Monthly Optimised for Email / Call Centre / SMS Based on GEO 50% Off Follow this Link for More Info
  10. pankmahar

    Selling 84000+ USA Executives email database by Job Title

    It has more than 50 files each file represents a job title. All the contacts in the database are verified using atomic mail verifier and are deliverable. You will get following information about each contact + email + first name + last name + title + linkedin url + company name + company domain...
  11. pankmahar

    Selling Any USA Business (B2B) verified Email Lists for 2$

    I've total 90K+ verified business contacts in the USA arranged in 50 email lists according to Job Title. I've tried myself cold outreaching to contacts to sell the same, I found amazing delivery rate as they are verified using Atomic Mail Verifier and Email List Verify. The Database is made of...
  12. simonbrep

    Selling Traffic STOP Wasting your money buying old or unknown databases!

    NEW! Daily Updated Data FEED and Get access to the LATEST LEADS Everyday! Get the Freshest, Most Responsive & Most Complete Databases! File is generated daily where you can download or request to be integrated via API to any AffexPro's SMTP or SMS platforms. ALL-IN-ONE Email Marketing...
  13. simonbrep

    3 Common Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Email Marketing Strategy

    With so many layers to email marketing the act of starting out on your email marketing journey can seem pretty daunting at first sight. Developing a good email marketing strategy takes a lot of experience, a lot of mistakes, a lot of successes. If you haven’t yet reached guru status or if you...
  14. simonbrep

    Selling Leads 500k Premium Consumer Leads + Free SMTP Server

    Do you need fresh leads, daily for your email marketing campaigns? Data feeds are one of the most underused sources of leads for email marketing - check out this video to see how we source our email data - SMTP Plus Data Packages - SMTPBay Ltd We can supply 500k leads per month and inject...
  15. simonbrep

    Selling Leads ACCESS Over 100K NEW Publishers / Affiliates Leads DAILY!

    ATTENTION!! Casino Affiliate Programs | Binary Affiliate Programs | Forex Affiliate Programs | Lottery Affiliate Programs | Adult Affiliate Programs | Diet/Health Affiliate Programs | Diamond Affiliate Programs | Ad Networks Online Marketing Agencies | Email Marketing Agencies ACCESS Over...
  16. Steevo

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns

    Hi, I'm looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns. Thanks
  17. S

    Have SMTP Server & Want to Warm up Your IPs?

    Hi Fixers, Most of you maybe have tried to set up a mailing server, but the problem is always the same not matter how bigger your Data is... without appropriately warming up your IPs your email will always land into SPAM folder. to avoid that I have a great idea to solve this problem. the idea...
  18. Steevo

    Looking for UK email data owners to run our CPL campaigns

    I work for a London based performance marketing agency. We are always looking for more email data owners to run our campaigns. We have a wide range of offers from financial and lifestyle to home improvements and gambling, including some exclusives. We offer excellent pay out rates and we're...
  19. simonbrep

    Looking for niche and current BDB and B2C Email Data

    I am looking for email data - - B2B companies that use email marketing , email sending systems - B2C for forex / binary options / personal finance / investing / gaming All lists must be active and current (up to 3 months old). Interested to hear what's available or suggestions for good sources.