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Mail Delivery Expert

Create an Email Marketing Strategy for your business that turns data into conversions.

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    Mail Delivery Expert
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    video-shot.png Mail Delivery Expert is a team of experienced email marketing professionals blending science and creativity to help optimise email deliverability and conversion rate.

    We focus on all facets of email marketing from a solid foundation and sending infrastructure, through to data aggregation and list management to cleanly coded emails.

    Email Campaign Management
    From a full email marketing strategy development to its implementation including list building, segmenting contacts, designing your email campaigns and report analysis

    Email Marketing Audit
    Analysis and recommendations to perfect your campaigns including email design, list quality, delivery conditions, the message you are communicating and how you engage with your audience.

    Dedicated IPs
    Protect your reputation and improve your delivery rates with an IP address dedicated for your exclusive use. Only your mail is sent via this IP address, and this means that any deliverability issues that arise only impact you.

    Data Aggregation
    Increase your email subscribers’ list with Premium Consumer Email Data, sourced from recent online purchases